Thursday, February 5, 2015

weekend update + life update

Written January 6th. There's alot more to get caught up on, but let's start here.

As of three weeks ago,I was wrapping almost non-stop preparing for Christmas. A corner of my room was piled crazy high with gifts! I also got to visit with my mom and aunt v. We had Rubio's for lunch. Mmm! We laughed so much talking about my grandparents and about upcoming Christmas plans.  At least three days a week the past 2 weeks my room has been so messy with all wrapping materials out, shreds of Christmas wrap scrapped on the floor and price tags or tape adhered to my hands or clothes! I love it though.

Christmas was so great; I was so happy to spend it with my family.

I've been feeling a little better since a month ago (been sick since September for those who didn't know)...major respiratory problems. Had a picc line placed on October 9th to receive IV antibiotics. Went through two separate rounds for two different bacterias in lungs/trachea. I am still not feeling 100% better (phlegm still thick and green, gross, I know) and needing suction more than my normal, but I am thankful to have some energy back and actually do things outside of the house. It can get depressing being cooped up inside everyday all day. I now feel a cold a brewin'.

I went to my ward's Christmas at the beginning of December.We had a greek dinner, watched a short video on the birth and life of Christ, sang Christmas songs and socialized, socialized! Of course you know I took some photos with some of my favorite people! That was my first time doing something fun with many friends in three months!

I am still experiencing pain everyday. My back and arms especially have been the worst (the left leg has gotten some relief). I am still on pain medication. Met with a pain specialist a few weeks ago and he suggests I take a longer acting medicine and keep current pain med for breakthrough pain. It's been a mess and now just waiting for my primary dr (who is back on my team) to write the script for the new med...which might not be til January 30th.

I didn't send out cards this year (handmade or sending a bunch out). I narrowed my list from around 60 down to about 30. Extra special exceptions! :)

Talk soon!