Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the girl behind the blog

I'm so excited because i'm participating in my first "the girl behind the blog" vlog link-up with the super talented, pretty ladies, Nicole of This little Momma/Our crazy beautiful and Ashley of 5Ohwifey!

I missed the last time or two linkup for this and so glad i finally did it...when recording today, i felt kinda rushed to get the video down to 2-3 mins tops, so excuse me if i keep saying Um, which i totally did i dont know how many times and then i kinda got awkward at the end not sure how to close, but that's how it is when you're on the spot's fun!!

Hopefully lots of you have linked up too! i'll be checking out other vlogs to get to know other bloggers (YOU!) better and it's a sneak peak to finding out other things we may not have known.
So ladies & gents, i'll be seeing you :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

groopdealz & crying from laughing

Have you ever heard of groopdealz? I love this site because they bring you boutique goods for a great discount! SO many small, creative independent biz owners are featured with their cute items for sale. Anyways, i "like" groopdealz on facebook and am signed up to receive their emails. I just found out that they are a having a giveaway for a fancy Nikon camera!! Only 4 more hours left!!OH WOW!! this would be so neat to win, but i'm posting about it so you can enter &  maybe win!! :) AS one of the entries, they asked to embed the giveaway on your (my) blog and so ive never done this w/the rafflecopter widget so hopefully it works right!?

also, have you ever laughed so hard that you were crying? i do this allllll the time! I started using a new mascara about three weeks ago-L'oreal waterproof collagen volume (something like that) it's in a black tube with teal lettering. today was the first day that i cried with it on and it DID NOT past the test. the mascara was running down my face and im so glad i had tissue in my purse to wipe away the black. This product is DEF not waterproof..but depsite that let down, i had a great time laughing at James who was so in character playing a blind person while we were at the store as we waited at the entrance for the bus to pick us up.

out & about
We did a video recording of the matter, it was more like a social experiment..we did not mean to offend anyone and had no intention of making fun of disabled (i mean i am, hello!) or blind people. I'm not sure whether or not i'll post the video? I don't want to be insenstive to others AT ALL.With hardships anyone faces, especially those with long term illnesses or disability-i think a sense of humor is vital and makes a huge difference! It was just cracking me up so much i had to turn around and not see James. We had so much fun with this spontaneous event. what was interesting was that other shoppers were staring at james, not me. He had a stick to help feel where he was going and he had his sunglasses on INSIDE the store. We (me and our little friend J) were directing him. This one girl in her early 20's was with a group of other women, & as they were collecting their bags, the girl was gawking at him with a look of wonder on her face like, "oh wow" or "is he ok?", etc. I told James, i feel like we are on one of those Candid camera shows or something.  
I was imaginging people as they did their double takes saying:

"so there's a girl in a wheelchair & a blind man taking care of a child? how do they get along?"

"the disabled woman & child leading the blind, what the?"

OH my! hahahah just makes me laugh.

Monday, June 25, 2012

target, brave, sister wives, oh my!

hello darlings, what a busy past few days!! 

On viernes- friday, I went to see Brave with my caregiver and her two daughters. Animated movies are usually not my first pick, but I was pleasantly surprised that Brave was better than I expected. I liked that although Merida (the main character) is a princess, there wasn't a prince or marriage at a young age and not certainly not your traditional happily-ever-after script. And i was not disappointed at that fact either!While there wasn't a prince there also was no predominant "other bad guy"..yes, there was conflict, but the true conflict was more internal. I recommend seeing Brave as there are universal truths that even adults will appreciate. Toward the end of the movie, all four of us girls, age range from 34 years old- 4 years old were crying! hahahah.

little bird P was getting cranky, hence the no smile

We also stopped by Victoria's secret and man oh man, got some good deals with their semi-annual sale going on!! Not sure how much longer it is, but i want to go back later this week to grab some more shower gel for $2.50!? um yes please!!

Sabado-saturday, plans finally came true for me and my good friend elisa. We were both so happy to be feeling better! we had plans for last thursday, but we both ended up getting a little sick & cancled plans. Wed night was a terrible night for me with vent problems and then stomach issues which = very little sleep! Thursday, i slept alot!
oh, hello pharmacist

we saved 5 cents bringing our own bags!

 So saturday, we ventured for lunch at jack in the box and i treated myself to peach tea! and then we went to Target where I got a few things, including a really cute dress with a slightly open back on clearance (tried it on last night and fits great!) I was in dire need of hair color so with it being on sale & my two coupons [$5 off 2 manufacturer & $3 off 2 Target store coupon], i got two boxes of clairol's natural instincts for about $6, making them $3 each!

girl on the go, ft. tote bag by through the eyes of the mrs.

When i go out, leaving the house, i must take two different bags that carry my medical supplies with me. The grey bag holds my suction machine, saline bullets, extra inner cannulas, suction catheters, gauze and a cable for the car/vehicle to power the vent JUST IN CASE..if you don't know what im talking about, i'll talk about these supplies in another post. ANDDD my new tote bag with fabric flowers was handmade by Beth of Through the eyes of the Mrs. I won this bag & a pair of super cute yellow rosette earrings about a month ago from a giveaway on Much, love illy's blog! When i received the tote, i first thought that i'd gift it,but then James & i realized that my amboo bag (for emergency resuscitation/keep-me-breathing in the event the vent dies or malfunctions) would FIT into this bag and it all did perfectly (extra tubing circuit too)!! i was so excited!! I HAD to take a pic so i could show Beth! :)

Then yesterday-domingo-sunday, i visited with elisa again for a little bit. she stopped by to drop something off and we planned to go to the movies later this week to see Snow White & the Huntsmen. Did you know that Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts comes out on tuesday!!? I saw that in the Target ad, and couldn't believe it's gonna be out on dvd already! My cousin Alexis, she lives in New york called me too and we chatted for a short while because she was in a car with a bunch of her friends and told her to call me later. Teenagers. Last night, i promised that i would call my aunt marsha and i did. we talked for at least a good half-hour. It was so nice to chat with her & get caught up on the latest happenings. She is an avid reader and enjoys reading at night in the comfort of her bed, just like me! 

My night ended with me indulgently watching the season finale of sister wives. I personally could not live a polygamist lifestyle. They are like normal people with the exception of one husband, four wives! They shop at Target, and the teenage girls and moms all have modern hairstyles, clothes and all the wives wear makeup unlike the closely associated FLDS people that live in compounds that we've heard of the news with Warren Jeffs as their leader...the Brown family is NOT like that AT ALL!! Their family dynamic and culture just interests me. I only lasted til about 10:15 and i went to sleep, was too tired to stay up til 11 to see the rest of the show...

and so, that's where I am. Writing about my weekend now and possibly watching Breaking Dawn pt. 1 later with james while enjoying a skinny cow? 

P.s. Do you follow me on twitter? That's a good way to keep up/stalk with me too :) See ya!

p.p.s i just realized that i mentioned Target like three different times in this post! lol

Thursday, June 21, 2012

walkin on sunshine

Sweet kendra of A proverbs 31 wife, nominated me with this award over the weekend!! totally brightening my day! I think i found Kendra's blog a couple months ago through our mutual bloggy friend, kelly of the houtz house party. Ever since then, Kendra has been one of my biggest supporters and is seriously so kind. She posts yummy recipes, loves cardcrafting like me and shares her faith and household tips! Thank you Kendra for passing this on to me and now, it's my turn to pass on the sunshine!

The sunshine award is based on for: “Bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. 

 I am so pleased that others, like Kendra, find my blog to be positive, creative and inspiring! It really does make me feel good to know that this little space of mine reflects those characteristics. When i decided to make my blog public, i hoped it would be a positive, encouraging place that honestly reflected who i am, all while making friends!

SO here’s how the award works…
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them
  • Answer the following 10 questions about yourself
  • Select 10 of your favorite bloggers, link their blogs to your post and let them know they’ve been awarded the Sunshine Award!
  • Don’t forget to copy and paste the award on your blog!
10 questions:
  1. Favorite color? the past few years it's been yellow, but i also like mint, coral, green, teal, pink & purple and black!!
  2. Favorite animal? i love em all, but especially dogs and horses (mini horses-they understand me, im at their level lol)
  3. Favorite number? 3, 5, 8
  4. Favorite drink? oh geezzz-from Jack in the box-peach iced tea. from starbucks: coffee light fraps, iced mocha's, peppermint mocha frap..
  5. Facebook or Twitter? hmmm this is tough. It used to be facebook, but in the last few weeks ive been a twitter bug like no other. It's a great, fast way to connect with other bloggers.
  6. Good book or good movie? Good book! I do like movies, like ALOT, but i love to read. If it's on a topic/genre that i like, well then shoot, i'm gonna indulge in that book!
  7. My passion: I would have to say people and writing. I'm such an extrovert and i like hearing people's stories. I find it easy to talk to strangers and find out things we have in common. Plus, i feel glad to be able to help others through compassion and listening, gifts the Lord def gave me! Writing because it's a form of communication that i feel am best at. I like making lists and journaling. My fingers type or write what flows from my heart.
  8. Giving or getting presents? Giving! I LOVE giving gifts, even if it's on a small budget, i think the thought counts alot..and i enjoy surprising people.
  9. Favorite day?  any day that i get to see/hang out with family or friends OR when i get a letter in the mail
  10. Favorite flower? I do in fact love sunflowers!! but really any wildflowers are pretty!
Nominations: There are SOO many bloggers i love, but here's 10 that i came up with this time!

Ladies, i hope this made your day and congrats for shining in the blogosphere! I'll be working on emailing you all this evening/tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the time my head got stuck in a blue lego bucket

Back in the late 80's when i was kid, around 6 years old, i guess you could say i was curious and had that creative streak in me. One of my favorites toys or activities to do was make things using legos. ya know, cakes, castles, houses, cars. Me and my little brother Alaska are only 2 years and a day apart, so we had to share everything, including the legos and as we got older, old-school nintendo video games, with Mario Brother's being our favorite. Good thing Mario Bro.s 2 and 3 had 2 players! That day i was like Alaska can have the legos, i want the bucket!

Anyhoo, we spent alot of time at our grandparents growing up. All of our family get together's took place at my grandparents house because Nana liked hosting and everyone crammed into their small house, some people were left standing that's how small their one bathroom house was! I rememeber, me, Alaska and my mom visiting there. The old-fashioned wooden box tv was on, a sunny day, and all the lego's were spilled onto the rug. News clips of Princess Diana and all of England Royalty was talked about and obviously had influence on me as i brilliantly decided to place the blue lego bucket on my head upside as a "hat" as those guards of Buckingham Palace wear.

I slipped the handle of the bucket under my chin and proudly displayed my new hat. My head is round, big and i have dumbo-esque ears that must have like {suctioned} to the insides of the bucket lol!  It was dark inside the bucket, but i could still see light. I marched, danced and shook my heavy head (my head must have been heavier that my petite body because i could feel the imbalance). My mom was getting annoyed at my loudness/rambunctious ramblings and told me to take off the bucket. Being an obedient child, i listened and i tried to take it off. I pulled. I tugged. I wiggled but MY HEAD WAS STUCK!! I started to panic and said, "mom, i can't, it's stuck." I thought, "was i going to be stuck with a blue bucket on my head forever!?" Even more frustrated, she tried to take it off too but was pulling my head along with the bucket stretching my neck... Up, Up and OUCH! Mom kept trying and then my grandparents tried and whatever else adult was there tried, but no such luck. I started to cry and was getting scared. 

The last thing the adults knew to do was call 911! and they did. That meant serious bizness! I couldn't see everyone but remember hearing the commotion as all i could see was a blue plastic ocean surrounding me with shadows and that the fireman would be there in 5 minutes or less which felt like eternity to me! My mom opened the front door in much anticipation of the rescue men and I kept struggling to get the bucket off myself as we waited. I'm sure all were embarrassed of this situation! 

I heard the sirens and was determined to get this thing off of me. Maybe i was scared of the fireman and what they might do to dislodge my head!? Just as the firemen were walking up the driveway to the front door, I POPPED the bucket OFF! My head and face sweaty for being under that thing for who knows how long, i cried because i breathe fresh air! Everyone in the house & the firemen at the doorway laughed with relief and a sigh of "these kinds of things happen" to my mom, who i am sure was like, "i can't believe this is happening!" apologetically to the fireman, for coming out to the house and not needing their help and i ended up getting it off myself.

I don't remember what happened exactly after that,though i'm sure i was in big trouble and learned the lesson to NEVER put a lego bucket on top of my head AGAIN! or anything that could resemble a hat lol. Sorry mom for that grief! I think from that day on was the creative redirection of my love for crayons, markers and paint!

Monday, June 18, 2012

high school senior no more

last saturday was my little sister's high school graduation party! what a special event!

 it took me all day to prepare. I usually have to do the following whenever im going to be away from the house more than four hours! we (me and james, my partner in rime) left around 3:30 the taxi picked us up. it took about 50 mins to get there. I woke up, got ready, ate breakfast and then came back in my room to charge my ventilator and battery that powers my vent. The battery alone with last about 5-6 hours from the time it's plugged in, so i knew i had to charge for at least 4 hours. I did my makeup while charging and then Sofia, one of my caregivers, did my hair. Around 3 p.m. i went potty(because i can't go at my dad's house, the bathroom's too tight and need 2 people to lift me) and changed into my dress. i stopped charging and started gathering all the things i needed to take with me that i WROTE A LIST for!!

Breathing machine/meds
Camera WITH battery (because i totally forgot the battery last summer when i went to a good friend's wedding!)
gift bags
backpack with power box for the vent(just in case)
spare battery for vent 
portable ramp (to get into the house)

Then around 3:20 the taxi came and James started loading my stuff. And off we went! 

My family did such a good job of decorating the house and backyard for the party! I didn't take a pic of the yard though :( My stepmom made handmade lasagne & spinach rolls (ooh so yummy!) and we had salad & bread as sides, plus cake later.

Sister J made three memory boards with a bunch of pictures from when she was a baby to now. Talk about flashbacks and fun memories! She also made a cute cardboard box for her guests to drop cards in.
sister j & sam. went to school together since kindergarten & our neighbors!!

Alot of family came too including my stepmom's brother & sister-in-law from Texas and my stepmom's dad, my step-grandpa T who i hadnt seen in like 2 years! He LOVES downton abbey too!! oh! I enjoyed talking with alot of family and neighbors! I miss them so much!
grandpa t
bubba bro, grandpa H & nat

My sister also had a friend stop by who couldn't make it to her party w/all their friends later (after the family party). She was really sweet. As i was leaving, a bunch of my sister's friends were arriving and i quickly was introduced to at least 10 of her friends, boom boom boom! they seemed like they were gonna have alot of fun and later, my dad told me the last person to leave was around 1:30am! partayyy!

It was so nice to visit with everyone. the last hour went by so fast. i can't believe how grown up my little sister is and is now graduated and gonna start college! it's so awesome. We'll be celebrating my brother's grad in two years! Time flies by!

Friday, June 15, 2012

friday's letters #1

I'm linking up with ashley of adventures of newlyweds for friday's letters. it's my very first friday's letters post!! I've seen this being done many a time throughout blogland and always wanted to it and here's another friday, praise God! and im finally getting it done!! There are just so many fun linkups and great inspiration for posts, but i can only choose one at a time. so alas the letters it is because well, i think handwritten letters are wonderful and so this theme it is!


Dear Dad, sorry i missed you yesterday when you were in the area. i thought my phone was on vibrate and when i checked my phone i saw it was on silent-no wonder i didn't get your calls! See you on monday after golf! (i'll present your present for father's day!)

Dear ziggy, you are seriously one of the cutest dogs ever! I love your stubby muscle-y arms & legs. I am so happy that your mama Lynda adopted you! You are a sweetie!

Dear smoothies, I love you! you're so delicious, refreshing and healthy. Even just drinking a small cup of you makes my tummy full. i love that! cheers to making my immune system more strong!

Dear goodwill, you kinda sucked yesterday! I was hoping to find a dress or skirt in my size but no. the only ones that  were there were uglay and i wasn't about to spend $10 on one that i know i could get and be cute @f21 or oldnavy for just a few dollars more. However, you redeemed yourself by offering me a good book that i know i will love, for cheap.

Dear wrist, could you please stop hurting. I have alot of typing and writing to do. Ya know i love letter writing and having to stop to take breaks & stretch is annoying.

Dear Miranda & Blake, I think you two are such a hot country couple! I have a new likeness for you ever since I saw Behind the Music featuring you Miranda. It made me want to go buy your albums now. I also love that you started MuttNation Foundation. I don't know you, but i am so happy that you two are together!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

peek inside my journal: being less selfish

When darling Alesha of Blessed to be blessing invited me to her link up "peek inside my journal-PIMJ" last week, i was delighted at the nature of the link-up. I think it's a wonderful way for people to gain insight and perhaps a new perspective in their faith as we all profess our love and faith in God. I am definitely a work in progress!

I've been struggling with not criticizing others and trying to have the frame of mind that they are doing the best they can. That those little things that i find annoying are ok (not this massive storm cloud), because in the grand scheme of things, they are not important! I'm learning to choose my battles wisely. it's a difficult task some days, but i can do it!  I bite my tongue and am keeping my heart from hardening and keeping it mushy. A mushy heart is way better! lol. We all want to be heard and understood. I think talking less (offering criticism) and listening (offering understanding) is a more peaceful way to live. Jesus was about peace and love.

Job 6:24-"Teach me, and I will hold my tongue; Cause me to understand wherein I have erred."

I might just learn something if I bite my tongue and listen. Really at the root of this struggle I am having is selfishness. I consider myself a very giving person, but i know there's capacity to grow and extend myself more. It's not always about me. It's about them. It's about Jesus. He is teaching me to care MORE about others, even the ones that annoy me or upset me. It's an ugly part of me. The part where I lose focus on the Lord. The part of me that gets upset. Yet, I always love being reminded that the Lord is there with me, all the days of my life. That He cares what i am going through. And that He offers me the most complete peace.

What can i do to be more giving? How i can serve more? What if I offer patience understanding and acceptance instead of frustration, grumpiness and anxiety?  It'll make a difference. Offering and being the good fruits will cause me to be a happier & peaceful person. All of these lessons, especially this one at the present moment is shaping me to become the person God wants me to be. The person I am destined to be. A better version of myself.

I like that right now I am taking time in silence(no tv, no ipod, no twitter or facebook), me alone with my thoughts, to write about this stuff. As you probably have noticed, I haven't written anything new since sunday. I've been busy catching up on emails, comments, tweets, planning & organzing blog stuff [see pic] and reading other fabulous blogs! But even taking time off from actually blogging was nice because I was connecting with you. So many of you are believers and the women I've met so far are genuinely beautiful daughters of God. It's truly encouraging to share our hearts with one another as we build up His kingdom.

It's always comforting to spend time with God and with his Word dontcha you think? He's always working in our lives, even if we don't notice. Like in the movie, Blue Brothers 2000, it's said, "God works in mysterious ways." And oh he sure does!! I always feel re-grounded when I spend time with God. I didn't jump on the Soul Detox program fast enough! But i love that #SheReadsTruth is going on!! i guess it's never to late to start! wanna join with me!? Let's start tomorrow!!!

love you sister/brother friends!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

quick note & a winner!

Hey friends!

I spent some time today making a couple father's day cards as well as a wedding card that my step-aunt requested. She and her hubby will be attending a wedding this coming weekend. Here they are :

And then yesterday, i spent all day preparing to go to my dad & stepmom's house for my sister's high school graduation party. The party started at 5 but me and James got there around 4:30 and stayed til about 9. it was so much fun, but i'll write all about that tomorrow with lots o pics!

And we also have a WINNER for my first ever giveaway in celebration of this little blog reaching 50+followers which NOW, im up to 75 holy cow!! amazing!! Thank you again, you guys are so sweet!
So dun dun dundaaaaaa, the winner is #41 Sarah of fontenot four!! Congrats lady!!

Thank you all to participated and entered this giveaway! your support makes me smile!
Hope you all have had a great weekend!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

dj put a record on

While on twitter this morning, a conversation sparked and then sweet Noel of Noel's Beautiful Life and I were tweeting back and forth about music and types we like/dislike and that is where this post came from. Thanks Noel for the idea!

In reference to my post title, i HAD to share this video with you! It is an all-time fave of mine of Madonna's that makes me want to shake it lol (not in public though!) , plus, i can't resist "holiday" but we'll save that video for another special day!!
I absolutely love "discovering" new tunes. I usually seem to find these little treasures from music played during a tv show I like, for example, on Parenthood or One Tree Hill. Orrrr, i even read recommendations from People magazine. Lately, I've heard at least three songs that i have downloaded and played over and over ( one of them is #1 on the list) on tv commercials advertising some product or brand..i think way cool. That's the only reason i may even like commercials, because of the songs, otherwise im flicking the channel like quick.

Here's a list of my current favorites that are on repeat, in no particular order:

1. ho hey-the lumineers
2. free like you make me- cary brothers
3. hold on & hang loose- alabama shakes
4. your life is now-john mellencamp
5. manifesto-the city harmonic
6. round and round & it's time -imagine dragons
7. when we were young-lucy schwartz
8. halfway home-tribes
9. take heart-hillsong united
10. when my time comes-dawes
11. scavenger-  school of seven bells
12. chicago-sufjan stevens
Maybe you've heard some of them, maybe you haven't, either way, maybe you'll find a new fave. Most of the songs fall into the indie rock/singer-songwriter/christian realm or whatever you'd like to classify them as. This is the kind of music that moves my soul, that speaks to my heart where i just lovveeee it and feel happy. And i'd like to add that I do enjoy other types of music including: country, oldies, bluegrass, folk, pop, hip-hop, it all just depends ya know.

So friends, tell me what are your current songs on repeat!? I'd like to know what makes your ears happy because i always like checking out songs/music that I've never knew or heard of. Thanks! :)

P.S. I'd like to say HELLO and WELCOME to my new followers!! Thank you for visiting and then coming back for more! It amazes me that this many people like my little blog! 
and if you like giveaways, make sure to enter my first giveaway in reaching 50+ followers AND go visit fontenot four blog where Sarah is hosting a massive blogiversary giveaway that I am participating in! you'll be happy you did! lots of great prizes from amazing ladies!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

wonderfully made

last night I learned that Jesus is Grace. I never really equated the two. It's probably all the formal, certain church's doctrine that has been drilled into my mind that through certain sacraments or rituals that forgiveness/eternal life is obtained. I am not 100% sure where my mind falls( and is up for debate among thousands and religious experts and im no expert), but I definitely think and know that Jesus is love. His act of selfless love & sacrifice for us is grace.

According to this was the entry for grace:

grace [greys] Show IPA noun, verb, graced, grac·ing.  noun


favor or goodwill. kindness, kindliness, love, benignity; condescension.
a manifestation of favor, especially by a superior: It was only through the dean's grace that I wasn't expelled from school. forgiveness, charity, mercifulness. animosity, enmity, disfavor.
mercy; clemency; pardon: He was saved by an act of grace from the governor. lenity, leniency, reprieve. harshness.

Jesus is for goodwill of the world. He offers us forgiveness for our sins. He is ever so merciful and kind. He favors us. He loves us.

I know that i struggle with completely accepting this gift some days. It blows my mind. Unfortunately, I hesitate with the fact and the truth that I am completely forgiven for my sins: past, present and future. it seems against nature (something our human minds cant quite grasp, or at least mine lol), but the thing is this is supernatural. it's a divine gift if we choose to believe it and i certainly do. This was all made possible by the son of God. By Jesus Christ. He bridged the gap. He made us, the Church, whole again. it fills me with joy to know that the gospel of Christ is being shared throughout the world unto all the nations. 

One of my newly favorite pastors is Joseph Prince. I first heard him preach as a guest on Joel Osteen's service ( and Joel is based in Texas) and i was hooked. not til last night did i learn that Joseph Prince is pastor of New Creation Church in Singapore! Singapore! Amazing! I think of us believers as mini disciples. We may minister unto others without even knowing really, through our kind words, or kind gestures.

[Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,]---matthew 28:19

I  sometimes fall trap to the lies of the darkness who whispers things to me that im not good enough. that im ugly. that im not going to succeed. that this or that won't ever happen. All of these things bring my spirit down. They are toxic, they are false. My hope is in Jesus Christ! He takes the impossible and makes them possible! He makes old things new. He refreshes our spirit. He loves with a great, purposeful love.

However, by God's goodness, mercy and faithfulness, I know i am loved. I remember, I am good enough. His spirit is in me. Whenever i feel weak, I know I can be made strong through Christ when I lean on him. He showers his grace upon me, even though I mess up all the time. His love is unconditional. I love that about God! And with Jesus as the perfect example of grace, love and forgiveness, I am learning to love unconditionally. no. matter. what. I realize that I am wonderfully made. Yeh, my physical condition isn't perfect, but one day it will be again i believe. Because God created me and his works are good, I am a pretty awesome person and so are YOU! Believe it my friends!

headband:throughtheeyesofmrs, earrings: oldnavy, shirt: target, skirt: downeast basics
  [I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.]---psalm 139:14

Our Father chose us! We are special to him. We are good enough. We are loved. We are wonderfully made. If you like Christian worship songs, I have a good one for you that I just heard last night. I think it's a beautiful song.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love for Sue and NieNie

Noticed anything new around here? I am so behind in things I've been wanting to mention! Please excuse me! lol.

Well, about a week and a half ago, one of my bloggy bffs, Sue of As it seems, installed a new nav bar, made me a blog button with picture & text and made up my one -of -a- kind signature! I absolutely love them!

and if you didn't know, she is the beauty & brains behind As It Seems Designs where she makes custom blog designs and add-ons to make your blog pretty! And i have to say her prices are reasonable! 

I wanted to give Sue a little love and thank you shout out! She did a great job! I love you Sue! :)

I also wanted to let you know that I bought & read the book, "heaven is here" by Stephanie Nielson. I read it in two days a couple weekends ago. OMG. It was so heartfelt and a true testimony  that miracles are real. I've been a reader of Stephanie's blog, the nieniedialogues for nearly 4 years now and I knew alot about her already from she's shared on there, but you feel like you know her even more by reading her book.

She writes about her life prior to the plane crash accident (august 2008 in arizona) in which she suffered 80% burns on her body, her hubby Christian 30% burns and their friend & pilot passed away. She writes about her first waking moments from her medically induced coma, her hospital stay and recovery for the year after the accident. It just amazes me how she strong she is and how wonderful a person she is despite what has happened to her and her family. She chooses to have joy and share hope. Even though we've never met in person,  she has definitely influenced my life.

There were moments when I thought, "how was she able to remember all these little details, going back and writing about it?!"and  "She writes so well!" There were times while reading that i knew exactly what she was going through. You're right, I haven't been in a plane crash and i havent been burned, but ive been in the hospital for months. I've had to rely on others to help me go potty and wipe my bum. I've had a PICC line and had an infection from it. I've been depressed and I've been in pain (physically and emotionally). I've had my life completely change in a day.

I feel like I relate to Stephanie in alot of ways. Her faith is a bright spot in her life and she's around my age.While reading the book, I teared up at least three times. it just tugged at my heartstrings. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out.

Sometimes, i literally feel like my world is crumbling or that i'm not good enough and i feel despair. Maybe you have felt that way before too? i haven't had it easy all my life as i'm sure and know everyone faces struggles, but there is always someone who has it tougher than you. and there is always hope and the fact that you're never alone. I just need to remember this when I am having a self-pity party!

I highly recommend this book for inspiration. It's a great  example of the power our minds have in deciding on what kind of outlook on life to have (which makes a huge difference) and the power our hearts have in choosing the way we live our gift of life.

One last thing, don't forget to enter this blog's first giveaway in celebration of reaching 50+ followers! yahooooo! Yous got four more days to enter to win some girly things!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

a full report on the sickness

happy sunday! I'm taking another day to rest, catch up on emails, organize, do blog stuff, letter write and coupon! A vlog seemed a perfect choice for today! Enjoy!

(I apologize AGAIN because for some reason that i cannot figure out, my voice is not matching my movements and when i speak in the vid)

and click here if you'd like to enter my first fabulous giveaway! It runs til next saturday, June 9th! Best to you lovelies!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

feta cheese & surprises

Did i catch you with my witty title? it's just kinda random, oh well, i am random sometimes.
like, i've been craving and going through a phase of feta cheese. i do enjoy alot of different cheeses, mostly cheddar and tillamook makes the best cheddar cheese (imo).

Oh & I love surprises! and my cousin Richard who lives in on the east coast, called me yesterday [tuesday!] to ask if he and his mom Margo could make a surprise visit! (i didnt know he was in AZ). I said YES of course! i am glad i was home to see them both. R is in town for his nephew's high school graduation! It was wonderful to catch up for a bit.  we gabbed about so much, but both were recommending a book called , Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor and from what they told me about the book, it's on my list! We are all booknerds! :)
me and aunt margo. i have little makeup on! she always makes me laugh.

Richard and I. He's so positive, encouraging and a real, life coach!

I hadn't seen aunt margo in years and Richard not since last summer before he moved east.. Margo assisted me in crocheting a blanket for my mom years ago and i forgot how to do it. Since she now knows where i live and her home isn't too far from me, we have a crafty day planned and i can't wait! My next goal with crochet is to make another blanket for a homeless person!

so, do you love surprises? what's the best surprise you've experienced so far? If you're a new reader here, or just happened to stumble upon this post, well you are in for a treat because i have a surprise giveaway for you! (others know i've hinted about this for a while).

This little blog of mine has reached 50+ followers! I've blogged for years, but just about 6 months ago I decided to make my blog public, inviting strangers to read about my life and i am so happy i did because i've met SO many amazing women! I have formed new friendships which I wouldn't have otherwise. I want to thank you all for reading and leaving me positive, sweet, encouraging comments! I also want to thank you for your supporting a bloggy newbie! I feel So blessed!! I am still learning quite a bit about this blogging world, but the most important thing is that I am enjoying writing about whatever I want and making new friends.

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sickness update: i am feeling alot better!! just tired. thank you everyone who has wished me well and prayers! it's working!! No more vomiting/diarrhea/fever.(yes, i just said that lol). I managed to eat a plain tortilla and scrambled eggs this morning! praise God! Full report tomorrow!

Friday, June 1, 2012

i got the stomach bug

hey friends, just a quick note to say i won't be blogging for probably a couple days. I got hit with the stomach bug yesterday which is getting alot of people at my house! :( im so tired and just gonna rest all day today. i'll update you with a full report post later!

I promise to get my giveaway post up soon. I have it almost all written up and ready to go!

thank you for your understanding! I apologize too if i dont respond to blog comments, emails or tweets right away, this is the reason. I will get back to you!

hope you all are well! I'll miss you! :)

Happy friday to you!