Tuesday, September 25, 2012

no profound words

no profound words.
just simply thankful and happy for my life.
even if there's pain & disappointment,
little things brighten my day and make those sad things less looming.

a letter inside a cheery envelope.
seeing a good friend after two years.

text from my aunt who said she wants to come shopping with my mom and I this weekend.
walking around the block as the sun is setting.
an extended family that loves me & accepts me for who I am.
cheese omelet and warm french vanilla-ly coffee.

I am learning to breathe.
(no pun intended lol).

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YOU: Hugs Hugs.
sunshine & rainbows.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

my nana bought me a black cat & other news

It's past mid-week and i havent even posted since saturday--who cares!? (pastor yoo would be so proud of me saying that!) 

hahah...so i wanted to tell you all about my LOVELY great weekend and week so far!! 

saturday, i went to oldnavy with my mom, in which i got a couple gift items AND my mom spoiled me with a new outfit!Will try on the pants tomorrow. They are grey sort of skinny jeans with an elastic waist. they are so cute, i sure hope they fit well! I've never in my life owned a pair of jeans other than a dark indigo rinse or medium wash. I am trying to incorporate a few new fall/winter pieces into my closet. I don't really have good, classic pieces that i can mix and match. I am pretending that Stacy and Clinton are coaching me in that department. 

I loved having a relaxed, not-in-a-hurry-no-stress time with my mom. We talked about weddings, Hawaiian bbq that we didn't like and reality shows like the x-factor, american idol and the voice. We were laughing over Doma, who auditioned on the Voice. She is quite the handful and full of herself, IMO. When she introduced herself last week she said something like, "my name is Doma. D to the O to the M to the A" wow!!!! Cee-lo picked her :) Did you guys see that part?

Sunday, two great friends came over! Hayne & sung! 

im not a huge fan of caramel, but...

cake pop approved

They are part of my church group and i met them in 2004 at ASU! We had such a fun time chatting over coffee and salted caramel cakepops! sung also gave me roses! so sweet.

"You know it's fall when Starbucks comes out with pumpkin spice drinks!!"----sung hahahaha

you know how i was MIA for a while because of my arm, well two nights ago, it started hurting again!! this time, more of my elbow, tricep area..BOO to that! It was inducing anxiety in me....which made me miss my spiritual direction class via google chat tuesday night. i was bummed! 

I've been TRYING to abstain a bit from being online, which was great for me today, because i went to the movies with Heide. Being gone for over 4 hours was nice, so i wasn't tempted to be online and give my arm a break. We saw The Words. It was not exactly what i expected but was good. It's def a serious movie, sort of bittersweet. The theme to me is that you have to live with the choices you make and how a choice can affect your future as well as, loving something more than what's really important. Out of 5 stars, I give a 3.5. Being out with heide was a nice treat and time to get out of the house.

Oh and if you didn't see what I posted on twitter this morning; my nana bought me a black cat.Yeh, I know it's not even october for Halloween, but my nana likes to buy things just because and i love his bowtie. 
cell phone pic. look at those glowing eyes!

Because I don't own a home, my bedroom is like my little house, my little space, therefore, mr. cat is hanging in my room as decoration. I need to name him. any suggestions? Hayne texted me with Zoro. I like oliver or mr. whiskers. what do ya'll think?

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

shaping up to be a mom & with style (a giveaway!)

I am so excited to introduce you all to lovely Megan of Shaping up to be a mom. She has become a dear friend to me! I love her!! After many long emails exchanged, i feel so blessed to know her and share girl talk about pretty much anything!
take a read and get to know her a bit and there'll be a little treat for you at the end ;) as if the title didn't give it away! lol.

Hi all! I'm Megan, from Shaping Up To Be A Mom, and I'm super excited to be visiting here today!

Shaping Up To Be A Mom is all about how I'm trying to "shape up" in every area of my life! I love to write about family, fashion, and fitness, as well as home decorating, musical theatre, trip reports, and my bucket list.

These little critters make regular appearances of course!

All I've been hearing about in the blogosphere lately is fall, fall, fall, autumn, and fall! And I'm no different...I LOVE fall! Growing up in Maine, I got to see all the gorgeous colored leaves and feel the air get crisper as the year drew closer to its end. I miss that so much. Here in AZ it's still 100+ degrees, and it's still too hot to go outside for very long, not to mention putting on a sweater or boots!

But the weather DOES change here eventually, and I will get to pull out all my fantastic fall fashion pieces! It was about this time last year that I signed up to sell shoes, bags, and accessories for Cents of Style, an online boutique, and my closet has been thanking me ever since!

Here are some of my favorite new items for fall 2012:

I just got the floral heels, and they are to die for! I must have those nude flats, and who needs zebra print when you can get a scarf with the whole zebra on it?!

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Today one of Brittany's lucky readers is going to win a free item from the Cents of Style Centsible collection!

Hope to see you over at my place, and good luck in the giveaway!


now isn't she so fun and fabulous!? I wish i could enter!
Hope you entered the giveaway and don't forget you can follow Megan by the following ways:

Friday, September 14, 2012

reflections on 9/11

the other day, i decided it would do my soul some good to spend some quiet time outside.
It was after dinner, i grabbed my camera and sat outside on the driveway. there was a breeze and gathering clouds approaching-i knew a storm was headed our way.

The sky had alot of action going on as I spotted a vulture birdy, an orange helicopter and a jet flying to the air force base sort of nearby.

For some reason when i am sitting outside alone, i look down at my toes. They were in deperate need of being re-done! I feel like the grinch--with his long toe nails (minus the fur) after say 4-5 weeks from the last time my toes were done.

Here's two days ago:

Here's today! MUCH BETTER!

I also, thought about september 11th. I didn't do an official post. It's good that most of America and perhaps, the world, took time to remember and honor those affected that tragic day...shoot, i feel we were all affected, our country was attacked-that's personal. Our livelihood was insulted. 

To remember how UNITED we ALL were for a good month after what happened is so precious. I remember the events of 9/11 alot of different days throughout the year (not just the actual day) as that day is associated with where I was, what I was doing at that time (starting college), who I was, etc.

Honestly, every time I see an American flag posted or waving, I think back to 9/11. The vision of what i saw on tv as I sat in my bedroom getting ready to go to school; people holding hands jumping to their deaths from the upper level floors of the burning twin towers haunts me, it gets me. The American flag is a symbol, to me, of hope, opportunity, freedom, and fellowship.

Despite the horrific and sadness that that day brought, there was a tremendous out-pour of love, compassion, sacrifice, helping thy fellow neighbor that day and time thereafter here in the U.S. but also the world over. That behavior and kindness I witnessed made me think,"this is what heaven is like."

Here we are eleven years later and seems not so long ago. So much has changed in my life and in your life I am sure, since then. However, we are still standing, never losing sight of the human spirit that conquers terror and fear. Here we are still hoping for a better tomorrow in all the world {we influence each other}, for ourselves, for our families, for our children.

Let the bright sun shine through on any darken time. How could anyone deny the beauty in that?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

coffee talk

 sit down and get comfy, because i'm linking up for another fun-getting-to-know-you-and-me with natalie of Natalie Blair for Coffee Talk!


1. It's finally fall! What are you looking forward to this year?
Fall-time is my fave time of the year. I am looking forward to cooler, crisp weather and everything pumpkin. Fall time means more baking time! I like crafting stuff for fall and halloween..even if i do one craft this fall season, i'll be happy. Also, carving pumpkins is fun--taking out all of the seeds and guts is my fave. I like painting and decorating pumpkins too.

2. What fall item is in your closet that you can't wait to pull out?
I do in fact love cardigans!! why thank you Mr. Rogers.

3. Since Halloween is the first holiday to celebrate, we all get treated with a horror movie marathon all month long... what is your favorite scary movie to watch?
 Oh boy, this is hard to answer because i dont like horror movies! I used to watch them ALL THE TIME when i was a kid and teenager(nightmare on elm street, children of the corn, poltergeist, etc) but as i got older, i felt like they scarred by soul lol. IT ruined it for me! Now i can't stand clowns. no one ever invite me to the circus. I'll just pick, The corpse bride! hahaha

4. What is your favorite fall treat? (recipes welcome). 
I LOVE pumpkin flavor stuff..especially pumpkin bagels from Einstein's bagel shop and pumpkin cheesecake!! I happened to just see this recipe (which i added to my "recipe" folder in my email folders!) for iced pumpkin cookies from The Wiegand's blog yesterday. Oh and i want to try a pumpkin spice mocha from starbucks. I tried the pumpkin spice latte last year after hearing so many people rave about it and i DID NOT like! haha.

5. Now that summer is finally over, what will you miss most about it?
Hmm..summer is not usually super exciting for me, but i'll have to say seeing some of my best good friends who have had summer vacation off from college. They either go to school or work for a school, so seeing them was lovely. 

me & paco on his summer vacay
also, if you'd like to sponsor or swap buttons let me know! I have some openings available now!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i feel pretty, Oh so pretty...dumb!

i am in no way perfect. this isn't the Stepford Wives now! hahaha. When Julie emailed me saying she was doing this new link up 50 Shades of Stupid, i was like, Oh, i am in! and then i got to thinking of stupid things i've done that left me with embarrassment or things i've said that make me sound oh so nerdy or even a space cadet, which i am and can be sometimes! :)


here's a few funnies for ya:

When i wash my face in the morning, i sometimes start driving to the garbage can in my room to "toss' my washcloth, meaning to "toss" into my hamper in my closet. 
am i awake yet!?
i think not.

I like wearing bright colored lipstick..red or bright pink, whatever..i apply it and sometimes get self-conscious because of when i smile, i unknowingly DO have lipstick on my teeth..thankfully people tell me but i wonder how many times no one told me!! I am smiling, laughing fool, thinking i'm all confident with color on my teeth! OH THANKS!

In Jr. High, maybe 8th grade, I wore my brand new white chunky sandals from Ross to school. My friend commented on that she liked them and asked me if they were new because i still had the tags on them!! I totally denied that they were THAT new because i swore i cut the tags off beforehand. I was too embarrassed to admit that i had NOT cut the tags and kept telling her no and drove away in my wheelchair lol. After a bit, i looked down and saw the tags holding the two shoes together..how did i miss that!?

So, what stupid nonsense things have you done or said? today, last week, or 10 years ago!? if you want to join in on the fun, link up! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Blank Canvas Tour in my living room!

OMG OMG! Even before Tico & Tina officially embarked on their Blank Canvas Tour, I had talked with Christina to let her know that if they were stopping in Arizona, that i'd love to meet and see them.

Well, guess what lovies, they did!! Yesterday afternoon, I was filled with giddyness as the Blank Canvas Tour crew drove up on the driveway! I couldn't believe that the BCT was LIVE in my living room!!! SOOO coool!

I've watched some of their travel videos and interviews they've had with other mutual bloggy friends, including Meghan, Julie and Kelly!

The time we got to hang out was just not enough and went by SOOOO completely fast! I felt as though i have known Tina longer. I like her free-spirited style and self. 

Krista was a pure delightful, so upbeat. I found out we are both Capricorns! Randall was a bit quiet (maybe he's an observer?), but has a funny sense of humor and is helpful. Miss Maeve is totally darling & creative. Little Maverick & David didn't get to hang out as much with us because cute little boy was napping as he fell asleep on their drive to my house. However, once they joined us, the group was loud and laughing. 

We played a few different games whiles talking. Boggle, Phase 10 (new to me, thx to Tina for telling me what to do) and a modernized version of Pictionary (thanks to randall for the instructions)- Guys Vs Girls! we lost! booo! I think maybe David & randall had a secret code among them because they kept getting points! hahah jk!

As i was telling Christina, this encounter could be a once in a lifetime event. I feel so blessed to have met such awesome, caring, good people as those of the BCT!! we hope our paths cross again!
LIVE in Phoenix, Az!!

just the girls, but Maverick wanted in too

Also, Tico&tina are the first official bloggers i have met IRL since I've blogging publicly this year! yeh!!!

I wish them happy trails as they continue spreading encouragement, creativity and passion to people who want to and are pursuing their dreams and making a good difference!

Friends make the world go round.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

arm woes

Now, a little word from this sponsor: (hahaha) to inform you of why i've been MIA and may continue to be so for another few days or few weeks?! 
omg! it's so hard to stay away from my laptop and not do any bloggy things, or respond to emails and say all that i want to say. typing with one hand is tiring and much slower than two hands! lol. this is how i stay connected..my life! ahh it'll be ok.

This week has included:
Almost no time spent online (typing at least)
No excersising my arms.
Trying to not use my left arm (wow, never realized how difficult)

on monday evening, i experienced pain in my left arm and hand. very sensitive. i somehow hurt it and don't know how. could be a combination of things such as arms/hands being in same position for HOURS a day as im usually on the computer...carpal tunnel, tendonitis, maybe stretched too much while doing my arm movement/exercises, slept wrong? who knows? 
ice ice baby

all i know is that for sure by wed, it was hurting really bad with throbbing and depending on how i move/d my arm, ouch. The first 2 days I took ibuprofen and heating pad--which didnt really help. thursday, began using ice and felt alot better. i am a baby when it comes to pain, such low tolerance. i had to take a pain pill 3 nights in a row now, so i could try and sleep. 

also, Salonpas & ice have become my best friends.

Soooo, for now, i suck at being my happy blogger self and helping my AMAZING, friend sponsors out. 
i am so behind in replying to emails and blog comments. 
{sorry, i'll get back to you as soon as i can.}

i am missing reading AND COMMENTING on all of your wonderful blogs, especially Trinity's, who is fairly new to the blog scene, natalie's, abbey's and  the sapphire bee to name a few.

i love you guys. how are you? hope all is well!!

hopefully, within the week, i'll be back to my normal & bloggin it up!

farewell, for now.

Monday, September 3, 2012

the day i tracked mud all over the mall

Howdy! Happy Labor Day!

What did you do today or this weekend?
I've got scenes and stuff from the weekend.

Garage sailing on a 100 degree weather day! SURE why not? I could spare to sweat some pounds off! lol. Thank you to my neighbors for selling stuff for me as well as the two floor fans to keep us cool-er in the shade of the garage. I love my neighbors, they are funny, hardworking and warm people.

Jack Black as Bernie in Bernie---genius! what an odd little movie that was apparently based on a true story. Shirley McClaine also stars. The interviews of the real towns people were HILARIOUS!

Taking advantage of Labor Day weekend sales with my mama...FABULOUS-minus the fact that I coined it as "the day i tracked mud all over the mall day". How embarassing! What could i do, really? 
snow cones & starbucks

So you see, while waiting at the bus stop for bus who happened to be running 22 minutes late, i swiveled in the only damp looking grass for better shade, not realizing that mud was sticking in my wheels. Well, basically everyone i wheeled, first at starbucks (which my mom told me and i paced and circled on the carpet at the entrance to try and get more mud off), then on the way to jcpenneys, and AT jcpenney's mud was splitting and spewing off my wheels, on the tile, on the carpet. 

At JCP, two mexican works were pointing and talking to my mom in Spanish, who doesnt know too much spanish. They thought she had mud on her shoes. After i realized what was going on, i told the lady, "oh no, es mi reudas", it's my wheels. She said, "Oh No problema" as the older man kept sweeping the carpet and tile, following me with the broom. After a bit, and i said, "lo siento senor. Chingada, eh? hahaha" I am sorry, Mr. He was laughing and just swept and stabbed at my wheels to try and get the mud off!  What a crazy time. Why didn't i take a pic?

Then as we checked out at jcp, the super sweet cashier, who was a mom probably in her late 20's, early 30's started telling us about how her son was on a trach and vent for 2 months or so when he was a baby. He is now 5 and off the vent and no trach-praise God! She said, "wow it's been a long time since ive seen a suction machine" (the grey bag i carry on my chair whenever i leave the house). It was just nice to "run" into someone who knows exactly what I go through, but also the perspective of a parent to relate to my mom as well. It's not that often that that happens. It was a lovely encounter.
and that is the story.

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