Friday, August 31, 2012

mosquitoes freak me out & accountability

It's sort of funny how things come together.

Maybe not terribly funny, but interesting. Ironic?-NO.--enter Alanis Morrisette's, tune of the same name here. I think there are no coincidences. But things do get crazy. things are crazy, most of the time in a good way. I am still waiting on the dock of the bay.

Just in the last week, my church group--[ I connect with them virtually--through email, google chat, twitter, Im's] was talking about accountability, in whatever part of life you made need. To be honest, me and accountability have had a love/hate relationship. Sometimes I do well, sometimes i don't. I avoid it like a giant buzzing mosquito. Speaking of which, the news of west nile virus in mosquitoes thriving in texas, just TWO states away, FREAKS me out! Those suckers loooove me! die enemies of mine! die!

Ok, back on topic. Do you get along with accountability? so I really rather not go into what I shared with my group that i need to be accountable for, but i can share that i've certainly dug a little deeper into my life to see what can be better in my life. 

For sure, I could be reading from the Bible everyday, join Shereadstruth, which i have talked about before and never did yet join..FAIL! A definite important truth is for me to simply accept the love of God.

I've got someone new for ya'll to meet who is a genius at accountability & then some. Everyone, here's Lacey. Lacey, everyone! 

She has a pretty bubbly personality, like me! Lacey is the writer behind And They Call Me Mommy! this hot mama is workin it and losin it(weight that is!) as she keeps herself accountable and keeps her readers updated with her weekly weigh-ins! I am in awe of her dedication and motivation! I need to learn to say NO those sweets of mine, or cut back on the potatoes! "PUT the cookie DOWN!" but i dont really eat cookies lol and get back to pumpin it up with my one pound weights! ... anyways, she is also homeschooling her kids, which i think is pretty dang cool! If I did have kids, i would definitely want to homeschool them for pre-school and maybe longer, but who knows right? I realize that homeschooling is not for everyone, and that's ok. I went to public schools my whole pre-k through high school years (and did great!), but i certainly think it's another neat way for a child to get their education.

Here's a little Q&A that bee littlequeen asked Lacey; here are her responses! stop by Lacey's online abode and say hello, you might just have more in common than you think! Who doesn't like love comments!? :)

1. Why do you blog and when did you start blogging?

I started blogging two years ago with a coupon & deal blog. I was spending so much time telling all of my friends and family about all the money I was saving that I figured I should just type it all out for everyone to see! After some scary life changes and realizing I couldn't keep up with the demands of a coupon blog + what was going on in my life at the time I made the move over to And They Call Me Mommy. Now I enjoy the freedom of posting when I want and what I want. There are a lot of reasons why I blog, but I've found that connecting with readers and other bloggers is really what I enjoy the most.

2. What color represents you (your spirit, style, personality, etc) and why?

I would have to answer that question with the color orange. When I think of orange I think of vibrant, energetic, upbeat, and outgoing. All of those words describe me.

3. What was the last book you read? Do you even like to read? lol

I love to read. I'm kind of  a book nerd! My "to read" shelf on goodreads has about 500+ books on it and it is always growing. I'm currently reading Jennifer Weiner's Certain Girls. I hate to say it because she is one of my favorite authors, but I'm not loving this book!

4. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink?

Well, I used to have a Coca Cola in one hand at all times up until 6 weeks ago when I quit drinking it cold turkey! Now all I drink is water and iced tea. 

5. Up to this moment in your life,what is your favorite memory?

My great grandparents used to own a very large ranch in the Texas Hill Country and we always spent long weekends there when I was  kid -  my entire extended family; aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents - everyone. I have so many great memories of that place and of being there with my family. I learned to drive my uncles' stick shift Ford Ranger on that ranch; I was like, 12! Memories of my cousin chasing jack rabbits through the field, knowing darn good and well she was NEVER going to catch them (those suckers are fast!). My extended family isn't close like we used to be, so I cherish the memories of us spending time together at the ranch.

6. if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

I've always been obsessed with Australia. My grandmother had tons of old National Geographic magazines tucked away in a closet and one of the first ones I ever came across was all about Australia. Once I saw the pictures of the beautiful beaches I was hooked. I've been talking about going there for decades (#crapIMold) and hopefully someday I'll get the chance to make the trip!

7. any fave quotes ?

Say what you mean and mean what you say. 
That quote is practically "The Golden Rule" in my book. 

8. What super hero would you be or what super hero power would you have?

Well, my favorite superhero of all time is Mighty Mouse (Here He Comes To Save The Day!) but since I don't want to be turned into a little rat...

Two Random Things About Me:

Just LOOKING at tapioca pudding makes me want to puke.
I take ridiculously long showers.


Thanks so much for letting us get to know you girl!! I love mighty mouse & sometimes the theme song does spring into my head! the memories of spending time at your great-grandparent's ranch sounds dreamy & SO much fun with all of your extended family!! I want to go! lol AND i do like the color orange!! so bright & cheery :)

alright, alright, enough of me rambling.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! What are your plans?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

happy happy joy joy

let's talk about nice feelings today. 

You know the ones that make you feel giddy or just excited about life. The kind of actions that leave you with feelings that make you smile...loved. accepted. being part of a supportive network/family, thus included. complimented. volunteering. serving. singing, fill in the blank.
shirt:jcpenney, skirt:target, undershirt: downeast basics, earrings: through the eyes of the mrs.

I've been feeling pretty happy lately. Not for any particular reason, just happy.  well maybe it's a culmination of things.When I first think of the word happy, I get the song that Ren & Stimpy sing, Happy Happy Joy Joy! lol, and I haven't even seen that cartoon in over a decade, nor do i even watch cartoons, but that's what first pops into my head. Soon after that I think of the super tall trees of the forest, the mountains surrounding a meadow (like I've seen in Northern Arizona and absolutely one of my fave places ever to go!), hummingbirds, sunshine and crisp air...and a starbucks drink thrown in there and I am set!

now im gonna end this with a giveaway that will leave you with a nice feeling :D

I am taking part in the Sayonara Summer Giveaway today that is being hosted by the lovelies, Brooke of Covered in Grace & Kelly of the Houtz House Party!! But to make things easier, you can enter right here BUT if you'd like to stop by their wonderful blogs, then please feel free to do so! They are both so welcoming and AWESOME!!

Welcome, welcome to DAY TWO of the Sayonara Summer 5 Days of GIVEAWAYS! Brought to you by Kelly and Brooke! We are so excited to present another set of amazing and generous bloggers to you today. The prizes are awesome and the ladies are fabulous! We wish you the best of luck! And we hope you'll keep coming back for more!
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Good Luck Everyone!!
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

this i know

howdy do! so yeh, it's been almost a week since i blogged..who cares!? I just wanted to give a big thank you to all who entered in my 100 follower giveaway and to those blogger babes who donated! congrats to those who won...i wouldn't be too sad, because it looks like another giveaway is set for when this baby reaches 200 which isnt too far away!

so actually living my life this week, not entirely on the comp...

This week this is what happened:

i have entered giveaways, been stalking new blogs/bloggers and leaving them love comments, which one of them is my newest sponsor-Lacey of And they call me mommy---nice little plug-in huh? haha. I had a last hurrah shopping outing with my caregiver Maria and her daughter, little P. Maria's gonna be a SAHM while little P just started pre-school!! Im gonna miss them so much, especially, little P, my little twin, my little shadow.

I've been soaking up Godly knowledge as I am reading "the practice of godliness" by Jerry Bridges. It's been my fave current read at night.

I've done a few snail mail letters/notes this week and had a nearly hour long google hangout video call with my new friend Millie from Colorado. (ok, so that was on the comp)

I wrapped up the last details of the giveaway which many of you know takes ALOT of work and time!!

talked w/my aunt sharon in Texas for 30minutes one night. talked with my partner in crime James for 45 minutes last night..i guess I've been chatty, something that's not the norm.

watched the Hunger games on dvd..thanks to my caregiver chila whose son bought her the dvd...and while watching that, gave me the idea to dress up as a Capitol resident for Halloween! what ya'll think? I think it would totally fun to dress all colorful, eccentric and have some bold & bright make-up, which i could most likely emulate.

you all may remember how emo i was feeling a couple weeks ago...well today--ive got a proclamation of things i know for I know that God is working in our lives constantly, even if we dont see it.

God has a plan for all of us and He reveals bits at a time. God guides our lives and leads us to people that we need to know, that we need in our lives or that we need to be in others lives for a special reason.

The past few days, actually, past week, God has shown me true connections that could only be from Him. He has blessed my life once again with leading me to establish good connections. Part of me saying this stems from this post by Pamela, of It's me again, pamela. It's partly due to the sisterly bond i have come to know with certain women of God, certain lovely bloggers or people I've had the opportunity to network with.

Plus, the bonds that I already have only getting better and closer overwhelms me in a good way, like laughing with my mom over me taking a picture of a blue plastic fish. 

Or laughing at the truth with a good friend who understands me as I him, that even when we feel alone or lonely, we want to be left alone, but not really. Just having someone "there" without talking is all we need at the moment. No prodding questions. Just patience and presence.

I am so thankful that our hearts have the capacity to  grow in love; that the love we know now is not the limit...not the end.

I am glad that my life can be molded and reshaped as God transforms me.

I am happy that I can see with my eyes really open [most of the time]. That I can see the beauty of love & kindness from a stranger's sincere smile or genuine, "hello, how are you today?"

these are things I know for sure.

this I know today,
i am happy.
i am happy that i get to live this life.
i am happy for life.
i am happy to celebrate the little moments and the big moments.

thank you for joining me. What are some truths that you know or are realizing today?

Now, go eat some ice cream and hug the ones you love, just because.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Jesus. Mercado. Rubio.

jesus, mercado and rubio. 
you might be wondering, who are they? did i visit the hood today? hahaha NOPE! 
well, they are what my weekend consisted see, my mama and i first made a visit to Berean Christian bookstore. I havent been there in about 7 years and wow, they have so much neat stuff besides books. Jewelry, items for your home, children's books, games, music, tee shirts, and books of course, keychains, pens and magnets. This is a great place that is centered around Jesus Christ! I noticed that they were having a scavenger hunt for kids there---and the cashiers were so friendly and helpful. I picked up a few gift items and my mom got me a silver ring that is engraved, "saved by grace through faith" with Ephesians 2:8-9 on the inside of the ring..i love it! I've been wanting a decent quality ring for my thumb! can't wait to go back.

next, we stopped at World Market. I thought i might pick up a pair of earrings for a future giveaway, but instead i gravitated toward to the food& drink area and ended up grabbing some candies as gifts from different countries: italy, the UK and a couple bottles of old fashioned cute in their glass bottles! I love this eclectic store!

after the market, we went to Rubio's for lunch. I wasn't too hungry, so i just got one grilled chicken taco. it was pretty loaded and i ended up eating it with a fork and knife lol. I took some pics for fun.

---BLOGGER is not letting me upload all my pics that i wanted..may update later, but for now, this is the post! and i had a pic of a plastic fish too! hahahahah

I also went to the movies with my friend Tessa. we saw Paranorman. I laughed and kinda "ewwed" at some parts. There were alot of kids there with their parents or families and I thought that some parts of the movie or script was inappropriate for kids younger than 6 for sure...however, just like with Spongebob, some things that are said just swoop over their heads thankfully. We did enjoy the movie though. Im not so crazy about animated films, but this one is a LIKE and would see again on dvd.

Oooh and i must mention that I got snail mail from a dear blogging friend that totally made my day!! Thank you No..el!

and let me back track to friday which is was friday fun day with my twin C. We had SUCH a fun time hanging out and talking. She stayed for dinner and us 3 (us and my nurse/friend Heide) were laughing so much, I was crying...talking about weight loss, relationships and gingers lol. 

Our friend pam couldn't make it, but me, her and C are going to read this series of books by Jerry Bridges and then switch with each other when we are done. I decided to pick "The practice of godliness" and I've read two chapters so far and am so loving and learning so much. C ended up staying til about 7:30 that night and we laughed because the day just flew by, next time she ought to plan to spend the night on the couch!

Overall, this weekend was one of the BEST weekends i've had this summer!! Thank you Jesus. world market. Rubio. Mom. C. No..el. Heide. Lorraine. Tessa.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

put on your boogie shoes

To set the mood for today's post, here's one of my fave songs EVER!!

Hello little love bee bugs!
 Put on your boogie shoes and get READY!
BEE Excited!
BEE Happy!
BEE ready to type, because...

I have a HUGE treat for you today! This has been in the works for a couple weeks now! In honor of my little blog reaching 100 followers, we are going to celebrate with an AH-MAZINGGGGG GIVEAWAY! EEEEEEEE [that's my excited noise] lol. Meeting you, getting to know you, and reading all of your SWEET comments, has been a BONUS in blogging! I feel [SO] blessed! I love you girls & guys! Thank you for being you!

Special thank you's go to my lovely, kindhearted blog friends, sponsors and mentors.

Here are the blogger babes who have graciously contributed to make this possible:

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AND from ME- BeeLittlequeen!

WARNING: This is my first time using Rafflecopter, so please let me know if a link within the widget doesn't work..and i'll get it fixed asap!

10 prizes = 5 winners (2 prizes each)!!!



And if you want to make someone's day, take a skip and a jump to these wonderful women's blogs or visit them through social media! say hello and let em know i sent ya!
SO, go ahead and enter your little hearts out! Me thinks you'll be glad you did! :)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

wouldn't you like to know

...that last night, i wrote nearly two pages of a letter to my cousin Joe, the artist. It was pretty therapeutic too. Must continue writing this week, i've got more to say!

This morning, i received Excellent news, with a capital E, from my mom and I am so excited!
Last night, it was decided that the 5 foot mafia (minus 1) will start a book club of sorts. We are going to each read one Christian book of 3 and switch books w/each other. 
It'll be good for us three girls to grow spiritually as well as strengthen our friendship! I can't wait! If you want to know who/why the 5 foot mafia is...ask me and i shall tell. maybe. lol.

This afternoon, I basically finished preparing a post for thursday that you won't want to miss! ;) I thought i wasn't gonna make it. the task seemed daunting, but i worked at it and conquered!

This morning-midday-ish: I literally re-started my computer three times because it got frozen. It PROBABLY had something to do w/the fact that I had/have 20 tabs opened. OOPS!

This evening, I am going to package up a wee surprise for my little brother and sister.

This evening, I am looking forward to catching up with my twin.

...that I decided that TODAY was a much better day than Yesterday. Thank you Joel Osteen for your encouraging word last night on the tv! We gotta keep dreaming big and believing in God's favor!

Finally, wouldn't you like to know that I am participating in a giveaway at Cassie's blog, Live.Laugh.L0ve! Lots of ad space and cool prizes! Three days left to enter!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

creativity & compassion

This week, i came to the realization that I need to tap into my creative stores again. I've been feeling a bit depleted in this area that I once used to thrive in. I mean, I do consider myself a creative person: writing is creative. taking & editing pictures are creative. card-making is creative. applying makeup is creative. Still, I feel as though I am lacking. 
experimenting w/color on my model Linda. TA-DA!

Doing creative things is like therapy for me. You know what i am talking about, those of you who have hobbies such as crocheting, smashbooking, painting, cooking, etc. Such creative acts are relaxing, offer peace and are productive, plus, it's a self-learning process.

Since I can't afford to go to one of those fancy-schmancy spiritual, creative getaways or workshops, I am gonna take baby steps into that direction of finding my happy creative self again.

First activity- doodling with markers. I used to draw ALL the time. what happened to me?

-I will  meditate for just 5 minutes every day in peace. No reading, no being on the laptop, no phone. close my door and not be interrupted. close my eyes and take deep breathes. just be in silence. just be. here come the Ohm's.

-I will do creative writing again: poetry, stream-of-consciousness type stuff, just because, about whatever, even if I have no intention of publicly sharing these writings.

-i will list what/who i am thankful for.

with all of these things, it's gonna take time to get into a habit of. i can't do everything at once, like almost things, it takes time. Overwhelm-ness can set it, but it can't if i just focus on one aspect at a time. i can start with one step and then continue on to steps 2 and 3 and 4 and so on until I am leading my true creative self life.

Sometimes being creative shows how much you care for someone else, and the following, my friends, is how one man thought outside of the box (like i wouldn't think to do this)...

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that i posted a link about this story (thank you mom for sending it to me!) that surrounds the most sweet display of compassion in a photograph: a man named John Unger holding his shepherd mix dog named Schoep in the water, as a form of therapy to help the dog's arthritis filled body. Poor baby!

Oh my. the photos and this story of a friend doing anything he can to help make his loyal companion comfortable and have a better quality of life just tugged at my heart! It fills me with joy that people from all over have anonymously helped Mr. Unger, who is doing the best he can,  to further treat Schoep medically, even without knowing him. This kind of love and service just really shows the good nature of most people and that makes me happy.

what can we learn from this? I really do believe that our furry friends KNOW when something is wrong. I have my own testimonies to back this up. Dogs and animals are a great example of what and how friendship should be. they'll always be there for you. they always listen. they like to go where you go, be where you are. Friends and dogs, can save your life, literally. I think i'll always remember the photo of Schoep & John in this article and the wonderful story that Mr. Unger didn't expect to reach thousands of people.

And if you like winning things like i do, make sure and check out Danette's blog, All My Love for All My Days celebration giveaway going on now!

Friday, August 10, 2012

coffee date: happy news

Already the end of the 2nd week of August!? Whaaaaa!? I really can't believe it's been another week since we last met.

If you watch the news or live in Az, then you know, we've been experiencing record heat temps for this time of year. I heard last night that yesterday, the state of Az used more power than new york city! Because of this extreme heat, i haven't gone out of the house except to get the mail lol.

 look at my expression! hahahaha

what happy updates or news did you hear or experience this week? Or what are you looking forward to this week?

linking up with Rags to Stitches.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

God is able

These past 10 days have been an emotional roller coaster of sorts. I've taken a step back. Took time to think, reflect, write out feelings, spend time with God, pray and talk with those closest to me. I needed a time out.

I hadn't read the Bible online or my actual Bible in days. I finally opened my physical Bible to Corinthians (because it was near the page I had previously bookmarked with a very old subway coupon lol). My copy has 'devotionals' on certain pages and i came across a particular one titled, "God is able". It was exactly what I needed to read at that moment. The Lord was speaking to me.

 "And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work"---2 Corinthians 9:8

Who do i think i am to doubt God's awesomeness? I know doubt is not of God but yet my fleshy self does doubt the good, the miracles that are abound! Why do i forget that he is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-ever so caring about ME? I know that i cannot do anything on my own, so why do i sometimes become so overwhelmed at my mountains of struggles, when i can turn to Christ to help ease my stress and worry? I became so exhausted mentally and emotionally.

I was tired. Tired of fighting inside. Tired of feeling less. Tired of worrying about things beyond my control, with trying to figure out how to deal with things that i could/can control.

I am reassured that God is able to see me through my trials. 
He is able to fill my heart and ease my heartache. 
He is able to take my moments of weakness and make me a stronger person as an outcome. 
He is able to bless me to be able to bless others. I want my life to be a blessing to others and He's guiding me to do that. 
God is able to open doors that I thought wouldn't exist{hello new friendships & opportunities!!}
God is able to provide safety and protection to my loved ones. 
God is able to bring me peace and restore my hope.

How do you cope with trials? Do you see what God is able to do in your life?


Monday, August 6, 2012

it's ok

It's ok that sometimes plans get canceled. You see, it happened to me and so me and my caregiver linda decided to head to the mall. We first stopped at jcpenneys and oh holy wow---they've got some smokin' clearance deals goin on!

I got a dress for $5 and a shirt for $3!! I plan on wearing the dress with black leggings and the shirt over my grey maxi skirt that i'll wear as a dress! according to my sister-that style is so cali chic!

it's ok if i like chocolate because I bought my first bag of sugar-free chocolate covered peanuts and oh yum,i like them! I don't want to become a diabetic. i only ate four so far..pinky promise.

it's ok that i sat outside on my driveway, by myself and took a picture of my newly polished toes. 

it's ok that I haven't really blogged in days. I was re-charging my batteries--literally and figuratively.

it's ok that I like secretly kinda like Miley Cyrus. & Yes, last friday, i totally watched her new movie out on dvd, LOL, co-starring w/Demi Moore & ashley green (alice of Twilight). It's a cute, funny & serious, coming-of-age tale. 
Out of 5 stars, i give it 3 stars.

it's ok that i look like a monster in the picture my little friend P drew of me and her. So sweet!
that's me on the upper left

it's ok that i cried three times last week. It was good to cleanse my soul.

it's ok that a cuss word slipped as I reacted to my dad telling me that he and my little brother were playing golf in 119 degree temps this afternoon. Dad laughing, "you're funny."

it's ok that a 7 year old beat me twice while playing go-fish. ;)

it's ok. you're ok. we are better than ok.

we are awesome! [thank you for the reminder Megan] xo

Friday, August 3, 2012

coffee date, im serious

Happy friday and weekend!

Time for another installment of coffee date with Alissa of Rags to stitches! Let's chat shall we? I went over the 30 second challenge for sure, like 3 mins over..don't be mad! lol I didn't meet you for coffee last week because i was quite busy, so I am happy yo see you now. 

I know this isn't alot of REAL posting, but I do like that Alissa's and No..el's link ups (that's ive done this week) do prompt me to express my REAL self and that's about as REAL as one can expect, right?

Here i am broadcasting myself--as youtube calls it lol. I did have to upload my vlog to youtube then embed here.

a recap for you in case you don't watch the vlog--no time, doesn't matter, here ya go:

i'm right on board with what Amanda is talking about: a take back your blog revolution! I am no sloppy joe if you know what i mean hahaha.

I have a sensitive soul that gets moved easily. I tear up and i laugh about it. I see alot of beauty in life.

I'm not afraid to talk about and share my faith. I'm no preacher. Don't worry, i am not gonna tell you what to do or believe. I try REALLY hard not to judge and instead, look to see the best in everyone and accept them for how they are, not how they are not. Let's face it, i want people to accept me for how i am.

In my 2nd and 3rd takes, my voice was not matching my lips moving, so i deleted them and this is the 4th take. I didn't mention in this one how i am slightly embarrassed/feel self conscious about showing my ankles and feet because i can't wear shoes. they hurt my feet because my feet are turned a bit on their sides due to weakening muscles and me sitting in my wheelchair all these years.

What are you not afraid to talk about on your blog or in your life?
What is something that you feel kinda embarrassed about?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

love & hate #1

I've been a busy butterfly socially since saturday. It's always nice to spend time with my mom and catch up with old friends. 

It's nice to rent a movie from redbox--$1.31 yo! and it's nice to go to the movies in the afternoon, spur of the moment. 

It's nice to treat yourself (starbucks!), and FYI, starting today, if you buy a drink before 2 p.m. at starbizzies, SAVE your "treat receipt" to enjoy a cold grande drink for two bucks after 2 p.m.! isn't that nice?

So, right now, i feel a bit sick. my stomach was aching and i feel a bit nauseated too. while i've got physical aches, honestly, i have heart ache too. wah! im being a debbie downer, i'll get over it soon, dont you gonna let myself swim in this sea of misery for the time being. This leads me to say that I am jumping in and linking up with No..el for my first love/hate thing...

i love to love.
sometimes, i hate that i love so much, because i feel 2nd best. my heart is so open, but i think i need God to help guard my heart. but i ask myself, is it all worth it? all the love i give and the answer is Yes, with a capital Y!

I love to go see my pulmonlogoist for my trache change. He and his nurse assistants are so kind & funny, plus i like to go for the ride and get out of the house.
I hate that the actual procedure really hurts.
"i always feel like, somebody's watchin me" pic at my dr's office 

i love chick-fil-a. I love (and makes me laugh) that my mom calls it chickaflik.
i hate that there's so much controversy and hate stemming from the latest news in the last few days.

I love hope. 
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." hebrews 11:1
I hate being disappointed time and time again.

i love blogging.
i hate that i can't keep up with ALL of my fave blogs.

i love sleep.
i hate that i am not able to sleep that well, 90% of the time.

i love target.
i hate that i always find stuff i want there lol.