Wednesday, June 26, 2013

what I wore: printed jersey dress + red lips

here we are! another wednesday in the books. This time next week will be the third day of July! My oh my, where is the time going!?

I am SO looking forward to these next couple of weeks because lots is happening on my social calendar: getting to hang out with...

Paco on friday.
Mum on saturday.
C on sunday.
Gparents wednesDAY & paco again wed night.
Tessa & andy (hopefully on thursday--JULY 4th!)
...and then I have a seating evaluation for a new shower chair on friday the 5th.


I am relieved that I'm seeing my primary doctor today because I've been having slight trouble with breathing. I've been attached to my svn machine unusually more's been saline, saline, saline over here! The dry air (here in AZ there's like no humidity) has affected me negatively. My upper chest feels bruised again :( So can't wait to meet with him and talk about a couple issues.

I must give lots of applause to my grandpa M for taking photos for me for these sometimes wednesday what i wore posts! I told him today, dang grandpa, you're a photographer!

Oh and I am thrilled to also be featured today on Southern Beauty Guide! come on over and visit me there if you'd like and say Hi to chelsee and her other friends :)

How is your week going? staying cool?

dress: downeast basics
earrings: oldnavy
sunnies: charlotte russe
watch: i forgot where.
lipstick: MAC 'lady danger'
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

i got new jeans & they make me feel so hip

hey lovelies.

let's talk about jeans.

I've been on the hunt for a new pair of jeans for months. All of my previous attempts at the skinny jean have been also colored jeans. I've bought about four, only needing to return them because of something somewhere not fitting right.

Too long. ( i need petite/short length)
Too tight at the waist.
Too baggy on the thigh.
Too baggy on the leg.
Didn't like the feel of the material, etc.

I am just not proportioned averagely lol.

Oh, & this is NOT a sponsored post.

I just want to rave and wave my arms excitedly to you at how much i love American Eagle jeans. About a week and a half ago, i bought the skinny kick jean. I didn't give up on the skinny colored jean, but i just had to snag a pair of medium wash blue jeans!

It was a triple whammy because 1. I needed a new pair. 2. they were in a wash that I liked. 3. AE had 50% off the price of 29.99, making these babies fifteen dollas!

Just the name skinny kick makes me feel hip and the clip of molly shannon in this skit comes to mind...."and i KICK, stretch! and KICK. I'mmmm fifty. 50 yeeahs old!" I am not 50, rather, I am 30, but i got spunk like Sally O'Malley!

seriously, I feel like crime fighting in these jeans with my superpower of kindness.

These jeans got just the right amount of stretch. The length is just where I want them and there's no extra bunching material at the crotch, where some jeans's rise are too baggy at low-rise or mid-rise ya know. These jeans hug my thighs(def more fitted) and then at the knew they start to flare out a bit. I love em!

I'm thinking that whenever i need jeans or pants that AE is gonna have to be my go-to, guaranteed to fit just right store.

Take a look.

What pair of jeans are your fave? Do you have a single store you shop at for jeans/pants? What's the best place in your opinion to purchase jeans?
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Monday, June 24, 2013

over the weekend

I now realize that my post title could very well be taken in two different ways:

#1. I am SO over the weekend (connotating that i had a bad weekend)
#2. This is what happened over the weekend (connotating this is what happened/i did/how my weekend went)

you know I mean #2 right? haha

so over the weekend I was lazy, social and productive!

Lazily: took a two hour nap on friday for my two nights prior were blahhh! couponing, deleting tons of emails, writing a couple notes and pondering life's greatest question such as what artist next to listen to on spotify were done! These days my ears are being entertained by Imagine Dragons, Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Eat World and The Paper Kites. Oh and thanks to my friend katie, I finally watched, Silver Linings Playbook. I gotta say that Jenn Lawrence, Brad cooper and the cast, esp "pat's" family, did a superb job acting. I really believed them. The story might be about "crazy" people, but really, we are all a little crazy. Maybe that's why it was relate-able.

Socially: I got to see and visit with my aunt josie on saturday. It was so lovely to catch up with her. I've missed her so much. An aunt is indeed a special person in your life. I am glad that we got to spend time together. A bit after she arrived, she went and picked up lunch from RUBIO'S!! Oh yum!! Me and my mom love this place! and got my aunt hooked on the blackened tilapia taco! It's near to impossible to catch up and talk about all the things you want to talk about in 3.5 hours! haha, nevertheless, I enjoyed her company.

productively: I  made some cards. I's gotts to build up my "inventory" again!
Here is one pretty that I made with my new farmers market paper pad. This card is in the official "to sell" box.

and that's about it friends. how was your weekend? what did you do or not do? :)
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

someone that I used to know

Do you know what Vitiligo is?
No. It's not some Italian dessert, though it does sound like a fancy, sweet Italian word lol.

It's often known as the skin problem Michael Jackson had. Well, I have it too.

Vitiligo is a skin condition/auto-immune disorder (as I understand, in case most doctors don't even know what causes it) in which the skin loses its pigment. As a result of not producing melanin (which gives skin its pigment), one ends up with white patches or spots on their body.

My white spots were first discovered about five years ago by my caregiver chila one night a few months after I moved here. The spots were small, like the size of rice or marker dots underneath my thighs. Since then, the spots have joined together to make large patches! It's gone from under my legs/thighs to my chest and shoulders (this area has been most affected), to my right arm, left hand and even my face. Because of this reason, I wear capped sleeved tee shirts under tank tops or spaghetti strapped tops/dresses for my skin will burn so easily! I literally have no pigment on my shoulders to help protect from sunburn. I get like, OUCH red, itchy, bumpy sunburn!
No me gusta!

Again, this is another reason why I advocate to EVERYONE (whether or not they are tanned or have all of their pigment) to wear sunscreen!Protect your skin! Isn't it the largest organ we posses!? I seriously have, "I dont want to get skin cancer" burned (no-pun intended) in my mind! Also, who really wants pre-mature age spots or wrinkly skin?! Not me!

So anyways, in my younger days, even up to 3 years ago, I used to be wayyyyy more vain. When I could visibly see my skin changing within months, I (mostly) accepted it and handled it fine until...(keep reading). I was just thankful that it wasn't painful! I used to tell myself, "as long as it doesn't go to my face. that probably won't happen. it's only on my legs and chest. please don't go to my face."

haha, well guess what? Miss-who-cares-so-much-about-her-face-i-mean-thats-what-everyone-immediately-sees, was in for a lesson. Sure enough, two new small white patches appeared on my face! First one to happen was above my right eye at the hairline and the other on my chin. And to top if off, my hair was turning white, like a huge patch near the crown. Man, i felt like an old lady.

I've been to the dermatologist to address this issue and was given a special cream to use on those skin spots. I tried it for a short time because I ended up having a reaction to the product and wasn't really noticing a difference anyway, so i stopped using it. I learned that I wasn't THAT vain because I really didn't care to try those other treatments that might or might not work.

So, seriously, at first, I was more upset about it occuring on my face. At least i am light complected! That definitely helps. Most people that saw me never even noticed unless I pointed out the two spots! They'd say, "Oh britt, you can cover them up with makeup. use makeup to make them darker."

"haha are you kidding? I don't want to look like a cheetah!", is what I'd say. In reality, using shades darker to to try to "hide" the white spots was going to make those areas more noticeable. I cried and became slightly depressed because of this changing my outward appearance! We as women, especially in our society, place so much value on our physical beauty. I was definitely feeling the pressure of something I could not control.

I just didn't want to have another problem.
I just didn't want to have to worry about something else.
I just wanted the spots to blend in.
I didn't like these changes. 
And change, my friends, is something that is guaranteed in life.
Ultimately, I've just continued using the same shade of foundation or tinted moisturizer all over my face and letting my true colors show! ha! :)

Miss Vain became someone that I used to know.  I'm so glad that I accepted those spots years ago. I am so used to them. They don't bother me anymore. Really, what could I do? I threw my hands up and gave my worries to God. Worry and stress would certainly not stop the process from happening, only possibly, make it progress.

The only thing I do and have been doing is use a bit of concealer to lessen the redness of the spots on my face, because they again, burn easily, even when using spf 50 sunscreen. And, I color my hair about every 6 weeks! ;)

I am Britt. I am spotted and I am beautiful.

To learn more about Vitiligo, you can read a bit about it on webmd.

And to bring a little sunshine to your day, you have the opportunity to enter not one but TWO awesome group giveaways that I am taking part in!

First, check out cute mama-to-be Katie of For Lauren and Lauren's blog!, where accessories and giftcards to Starbucks & Ulta are to be had!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

crickets are funny

Yes. This post title is somewhat random, but you may see the connection if you make it through to the end of this post.

orange toes

it's been awful quiet around here don't you think? I hear the crickets. While it may have been silent on the blog, my mind has been full of noise this past week. I saw a picture on a friend's facebook page that read, "quiet people have the loudest minds."

hmm, quite true sometimes.
hair clip || no dots shop

Btw, If I spot a cricket gliding along the floor, I don't run it over. I don't like to kill harmless insects/bugs if not necessary. better just to scoop them up and take em back outside.

I seem to have bright ideas for the this baby blog of mine at like 2 am. Of course, I am not prepared to write such bright ideas down. Maybe I need to add a notebook and pen among my pillows to jot stuff down so I can bring to life these sparks of the imagination?

One topic that I want to share with you is a couple funnies that have happened in the last week. Being happy makes a big difference in my life. Not only on my overall mood, but also my perspective on things, especially when hearing about things that happen to others that lay just beneath the surface of what we see going on in their lives.

Sometimes, there's obviously more going on that God is working on behind the scenes of our lives :) and TAKE ACTION! lol.

Also, when I feel happy, am happy, I treat others better too. Kinda a no-brainer, right? 

So here are the two little tales:

One day last week while my caregiver Maria was doing my hair, she unraveled the elastic tie and all of my crazy hair fell down. M's daughter, little P who is 5, (i've mentioned her many a time on here) was watching and just started giggling and said in response to seeing my hair down, "Wow Britt. You look like a womAn!"

lol. "Ok, so what did I/do I look like with my hair up?",  is what I said to myself. hahahaa

Yesterday, one of my good friends came over. We were just catching up on each others lives as we haven't seen each other since April. We talked about health, friends, family, guys, social things and such. Let me just say that you know you are true friends when you are free of embarrassment to talk about bowel movements!  

So yeh! Any funny things happen to you lately? Or funny comments made? I'd love to hear about them! :)

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pbskids to the rescue! & a vlog

Is this week flying by for you? Because I sure feel like it's flying by! Yesterday, for a brief moment, I felt like it was Sunday. I know that seems contradictory to the week whisking by, but that's what happened.

I had a blasted migraine yesterday morning and took a long nap which did help. After that, I had school time with little P. We practiced her abc's and read Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. We also managed to squeeze in half a counting game on It was sort of funny when she got mad at her mom because she didn't want to go home. I mean a 5 year old and her angry eyebrows lol. She wanted to continue playing on my laptop.

Anyways, I am so glad there is an age-appropriate, wholesome learning website like On the Curious George section [there are so many different sections like those of Arthur, Clifford the Big Red Dog and WordGirl], there are free printables: pictures to color and activities that you can print to help teach your child/ren or students.

I printed out this one and this one since little P needs to be able to count to 100 (counting/numbers in general) and know her abc's before August! She keeps forgetting the letter 'J' when singing the alphabet, but she does recognize the letter 'J' when she sees it. It seems a bit overwhelming, but I accept the challenge!

Later today, I plan on getting a couple of these resources ready so when she comes back tomorrow, we can continue learning fun!

Now, I'll leave you with a vlog I did last week but never got around to posting. I discuss the pros & cons of a couple different mascaras as well as a facial sunscreen with spf50!

ur gr8! stay cool!
(what is this, junior high?! haha, no, but really stay cool & sun safe!)

*today's post is not endorsed or sponsored by I just really like their website and find it to be helpful.
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

and the shout-outs go to...

hey hey hey. no migraines today!

I am so happy so very happy.

Time for me to rave about some things that make me smile or chuckle...

Gotta give a little love to:

Ashley + Nathan of The Gnarly Whale!

I received the package I ordered containing hair detangler and lip balms.
The items came in a cute reusable bag &
even a handwritten note made of recycled paper was included thanking me for my order.
I'm gifting one of the detanglers to a friend.
I ordered the scent coconut milk & peaches. OOh la la! It smells so divine, so yummy that I want to eat it! I've tried it and my brush brushed easily and smoothly through my hair! OH & love that their products are vegan. It's fresh baby!

Gotta give a little love to the new tea I'm drinking:

Organic Peppermint Tea.
My friend Allie recommended it to me.
My mom tried too and loves it as well.
It's especially helpful to those who might suffer from stomach problems. uhh hmm, ME! (aches & pains, gas)
Oh and I add a packet of Stevia to it.

Gotta give a little love shout-out to this app courtesy of amc:

If you're a fan of zombies, The Walking Dead, anyone? Then did you know you can Walker-ify yourself? I did. Or as they call it. "dead yourself." I've watched some episodes of the show, but due to other must-see shows that came on at the same time, I've not kept up this fan fave, so I can't say that I am a die-hard fan!

so sexayyy! lol
On this app you can select what kind of gory, bulging, bloody eyes you want or even some beautiful, yellow teeth with a double chin of ripped skin hanging out?? Check it out if you'd like to join this fun club!

and last but not least,
a love shout-out to my good friend Pammie!
It's her birthday today!! Happy Happy Birthday Pam Pam! Your laugh is infectious (I cry from cracking up with you), your sassy-ness makes me smile, you rock leopard print and I am so glad we're friends! Love you!

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Friday, June 7, 2013

passion for fashion: swimsuit cover-up

This is the 2nd wonderful time I'm linking up beauties Beth and Lena for Passion For Fashion!

On sunday (last weekend) i put together a cute outfit but failed to take any next time for that one. Soooo we'll go with the following.

The dress I am sportin is technically a swimsuit cover-up but I made it an all-day, slip-over your head a bit past your boobs dress! haha.

But you could still wear this cover-up for over your bathing suit (2-in-1 purpose) sweet!

I like the smocking around the bust/back.

Some days, most days, I totally go for comfort.

My little 5 year old friend/student P (i'm going to be teaching her her abc's, numbers, reading/sounds, and maybe how to tell time before she starts kinder this Fall!) took the next couple pics. She wanted me to pretend to be this vampire character from Monster High??
then I had to show off my big, pretty ring! I haven't been wearing earrings much because my ears are going through a weird phase. maybe it's the heat? They are just more dry and sensitive to novelty earrings{fake!}, so i added the ring for a little flair.

throwing my hair into a messy bun on top of my head is my favorite way to wear my hair lately, even if it's lopsided!

simple. carefree. wear what makes you feel comfortable.

Dress: Oldnavy
Undershirt: downeast basics
Ring: gift/Kohl's?
Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe

Lena B, Actually

hope everyone has a sweet, relaxing weekend! I am spending tomorrow with my mom :)
What are you planning on doing?

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

emotional & spiritual spillage

Oh hello! it's June!

What happens when I don't blog for days? I spill my guts with thoughts that have been bouncing around. Be prepared for a long read.

I was sort of caught off guard last week when one of my caregivers asked me (I was talking about Crazy Love with her), "why do you get stressed or worried? I don't get how a person like you can get stressed or worried."


Just because I need care to get dressed, shower or toilet and have someone cook and do laundry for me doesn't mean my life is easy.

I don't get how she can think that. No one is immune to how life affects them. I always find myself, especially around here, my home, having feel the need to explain myself.

I didn't care to explain so much, but just gave her one example of why I stress or worry. It's mostly internal/self-conflict reasons that causes worry or stress.

Ever since reading Crazy Love, I've been trying to be more intentional with my time. I've been trying to put my trust in God and allow Him to help me with the worry or stress I carry. With how and when I pray and commune with God; "not just a 3 minute mumbled prayer" when i try to go to sleep.

God is so great. My eyes are filling up with tears at how wonderful He is. I am so blessed, even when I don't deserve such blessings, because I am always messing up. I am not an angel. My grandpa says with a chuckle, "alot of people, they are no angels."

I know grandpa. I know.

We won't ever be perfect here in this life, as Jesus is the only perfect Son, but we can attain to better ourselves and simply accept the grand love that God offers us.
Because of His grace, he loves me despite my flaws.
Because of His grace, he makes me into something beautiful.

God continues to show me blessings in my life.{allie, i love you! your friendship means so much to me}. They are treasures waiting to be found! I promise, if you look closely, they are there for you too! I am glad that at least my eyes are open enough to see some of them as I am sure I am oblivious to other ones (let's blame it on human selfish nature.)

Oh dear, I am quite emotional right now lol.

Because making lists is something I just do, here are a few things I want to write to help me of the beautiful things that I've been given. There is Jesus in so many parts of our day! What do you see?

+I am thankful that my mom is here with me. Here, meaning, alive and only an hour away. I am just glad that my mom is my mom. That she chose me, to have me, to love & want whatever makes me happy.

+I am thankful that my dad & stepmom came to hang out with me on sunday for almost three hours. My dad treated me with an iced vanilla coffee! yum.

+I am thankful that I have an appreciation for storytelling through film. Chila and I watched, Of Mice and Men yesterday on netflix and wow. I don't think I could handle reading the book. It's heartbreaking to see the bittersweet tragedy of loving someone so much even though you put them out of their misery (again, they not knowing.)
Maybe sometimes it's better to not be aware of how cruel the world can be?

+I am thankful for encountering the young pregnant lady who is choosing life. She had a really cute shirt on too.

+I am thankful to my grandparent's for going to get Perla's vaccines on such short notice, just so that they could bring their fur baby to come visit me every week. (rules)

and now for your listening pleasure, I leave you with Brandon Heath.
I LOOOOVEE this song!
I am on my way to download it. repeat is in its near future.