Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January, you've been swell

Oh January, how i've loved you. I can say that it's been a great and blessed month. God granted me the day to turn 29 this month and live to see more of his glorious goodness: in my family, in my friends, in the Perfect weather Az has been having these past handful of days and in my always forgiving four year old little friend P. who turned me into a frog this morning with a makeshift wand: a bubble heart balloon they put in flower baskets lol.

Over the past weekend, I had a wonderful girls day w/my mama.We bought some new makeup, which that will have to be it's own separate post (review time!) and strolled over to Barnes & Noble for chit chat over iced coffees and a new book for me: The House of Tyneford by Natasha Solomons. I started reading it last night and made it to chapter 4, so far so good and I KNOW i am going to love it, I already do.

Last week or so, I won a giveaway over at ragstostitchesblog ! The prize i won was a $25 credit toward a customizable blog design by the ever talented Amanda of royaldaughterdesigns!
I am SOO excited, so soon after tomorrow, you will see a new blog design-yay!! Can't wait!

Oh and yesterday was my grandpa Henry's 71st birthday! He's hilarious, caring, a jokester and on-the-go kind of guy. Here's him, me and his sweetheart last march (before they went on a hot air balloon ride for his 70th bday).
What a dream come true!

I do have to apologize for being behind in posts. I have been crazy busy working on/for my other blog Ms-Misc.com that I am co-author of, along with 4 other creative, fun ladies. Right now, we have a giveaway going on, so go check it out and make sure to enter before friday at midnight!! You'll love it, I promise! ;)

See ya in February!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

t-minus 2

Today is officially t-minus two days until my birthday! I am way excited. More excited because just a few minutes ago, Paco told me he sent me a homemade card via snail mail! I can't wait to see. Also, it's been one day since January 11th, which fifteen years ago on that date, my nana Margarita passed on. I certainly miss her and asked myself, "has it really been 15 years?" Oh yes it has. She would have been 65-66 years old this year if she were physically present, but that is ok, because I know she is doing well and with us in spirit. Never far from my heart {ever}!

I shall also note that three days ago, my youngest brother (bubba) turned 16! OMG! He and our sister are learning to drive too! Wow! No worry there, because I know they will be cautious drivers and obey the laws of the road. Excited too because I will get to see them and the fam on sunday! I am just happy to be spending time with family and friends!

Don't worry, I will fully report on birthday weekend events next week. Shoot, I am gonna be celebrating all the month of January! :D

Talk with ya soon, I am going to go eat dinner. My stomach is growling. To try and curb appetite, i ate a handful of walnuts earlier. <-----attempting to snack healthier.

Hope you are all of good cheer!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!!! we have made it through the first week of the new year and for me (as i hope for you) has been great! I apologize for not posting anything since november---my OH MY!!! The holiday months were so busy crazy. I don't have an official paying job, but man, i am always doing something. One of these things is co-authoring a new blog, ms-misc.com w/a good friend of mine. This blog will be featuring home decor tips, sewing tutorials, recipes, crafts and ways to save money! So far, there are four of us ladies writing for the blog. Check it out here! I am so excited for the new beginnings of this blog and for the anticpation of its success!

How were your holidays? I got to spend mine with both sides of my family and eat yummy food-ham, green bean casserole, tamales, beans, pumpkin pie (not all at the same time!) I've been doing a Bible study of the Old Testament with Paco (real name not used) since September/oct of 2011, started at Genesis, but for the week BEFORE Christmas, we decided to read the first couple chapters of the four gospels of Jesus's birth story. I found that beneficial and inspiring, for we wouldn't have Christmas without Christ. And let me tell you, every time I heard O come O come Emmanuel ", my heartstrings were tugged. I relished in Pandora's Christmas Radio, but that is over now and now we celebrate the new year in believing in Emmanuel-that God is with us and for us! It is my hope that this year and everyday this year brings us love, happiness and strength, to embrace whatever comes our way and to believe in the goodness of our gracious God.

Goals for this week: work on valentine's cards to sell
write part 2/3 of couponing tips for Ms-Misc.com

***and guess what!? My 29th bday is next saturday!!!