Monday, September 15, 2014

mani monday

You've probably heard me say that I don't have my nails polished very frequently. To have my nails polished depends on my mood and maybe any special events that are going on.

Honestly, I go to a nail salon and treat myself to a manicure maybe 3 times a year. It is always nice to have your nails done. Because of the fact that my nail polish chips within the first two days of having them done (whether at the salon or done by myself), makes me think is this whole affair even worth it?! haha not so much really. That's not high on my list of priorities.

Now, when it comes to my toes, I HAVE to have them done every 4-6 weeks, in which case they always are done at home because I cannot transfer out of my wheelchair to those chairs at the salon.
I'm still happy with that though.

It seems I've set a record because my fingernails have been rockin' color twice within one month! whhaaaaa?!

Current manicure is brought to you by... Essie's St. Lucia Lilac!
I love that it's a demure lilac. It almost looks like it has a little grey in it, which gets me excited about Fall coming up! Autumn time is my most favorite time of the year!! (you will hear me say this more in the near future!) :)

This is the first time I used this color. It was actually part of a duo set that came with a cream shade, but I am not sure what I did with that one! Seeing this lilac color on my nails makes me smile.

Do you do your own nails? What color are your nails currently?


Amanda said...

I never do my nails. They chip too quickly. But like you, my toes are always done.

Haley Brianna said...

Oh gosh. Yes, I attempt at doing my own nails but they never turn out right (i'm a perfectionist) and I'm too cheap to go get them done professionally. I definitely keep my toe nails up because they aren't that hard ;) lol.

Just had to follow along girl. Love the blog! Followed you on GFC and blog lovin'. I would love if you came and checked me out and maybe followed along if you like my posts! :)

Jacqueline said...

they look so nice :) great color