Friday, January 31, 2014

5 on friday

Reading through my gmail social tab , I skim through all the blog posts waiting to be read and I came across alot of blogs talking about 5 on friday. I clicked on one and found out it was a link up and thought it would be fun since it's pretty simple. you can link up here too if you want :)


Numero uno//

being sick is tiring. lol.
I wanted to at least feel a little productive while being sick, so this is the post you get for today. It's been confirmed as of this morning I have an infection in my chest, so started those antibiotics!
hot herbal tea is my friend on this overcast day.

Numero dos//

I seriously have amazing grandparents. They came over Wednesday as part of our weekly visit. 
Before they left back home, they went to pick me up more mucinex. 
While they ran to Walgreens (grandpa drove, nana went in the store), their baby dog, Perla, looked like this:
whimpering for her mommy and daddy. so cute. not even gone 20 minutes.

Numero tres//

I am not a big football fan. 
I don't know any one who plays on any one team, but because SuperBowl is this weekend, I am craving chicken wings. hmm, maybe a good ol grilled hamburger too?
Now, I would totally watch the superbowl if I was at a party or had some friends over.
and I love seeing what kind of awesomeness will be displayed during the halftime show.
at least i know the two teams playing.
Go Seahawks!!, since my friend Alison is in love with them.

Numero cuatro//

I believe credit cards can become the devil.
I get super annoyed when I get mail from credit card companies or insurance companies, week after week.
the to-shred pile is really piling up.
Geico, I don't even own a car. 
 State Farm, I am not a homeowner either.
Discovery, I learned from past mistakes. never again.
Stop sending me letters and printing my full name five times throughout your plea.
help save trees instead.

Numero cinco//

wishes can come true.
miracles do happen.
it doesn't matter what you wish on: a star, a candle, a hummingbird, a coin, or dandelion.
i think, as long as you believe, the universe of divine forces help make them come to pass.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great weekend, Britt! It's nice to see a little slice of your life :)

holli said...

BOOOO on infection! Take your medicine and then take it easy.

I love football and kinda bummed its over now but at least the Olympics are starting next week.

Jax does that too when Todd is in the shower or takes the trash out. I'm like really Jax he's coming back! Then Todd says he does that when i leave the room too. So sweet.
Rest! Heal! Pray!