Wednesday, February 12, 2014

catching up: the gilbert lds temple + glendale chocolate affaire

It feels nice to be writing on my laptop again. The weather has been glorious and I sat outside on my way in from mailing off some valentine's yesterday morning. The sun's rays warm on my face, the birds chirping in the nearby tree and the silence of the morning brought me moments of peace. I thanked God for that day and for the ways He shows us his love. He created all things and so, the beauty and intricacies of nature and life, just made me smile so much.

I am happy because I sold about eight valentine cards in the last week. It makes me happy that people like my cards, but also that they buy them to give to their loved ones. I think about the sliver of cheer that person receives when they get handed a card I made.

Remember when I told you I was sick? Well, i feel SOO much better since then. I am not quite 100% but dang, I feel so much better. I am thankful for medicine that works! and seriously, for God who gives me strength. Thanks to you for sending me well wishes and prayers, they worked :)

Over one of the most awesomest weekends, I had so much fun and was nice to visit my hometown.

Friday, a few friends and I met up with my mom, aunt June, grandpa H. and his girlfriend Nat at the Gilbert Temple open house. We toured the temple and it was ah-mazing! The grounds are beautiful and some parts reminded me of a garden and then the inside is just as beautiful. really so. absolutely. gorgeous. For me, it was a spiritual experience, it's hard to describe. I can't wait to go back! If you're curious as to why the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints builds temples, check out this video.

pretty little clouds just for us
ah, so breathtaking

The Temple grounds. Pretty flowers and such. and the angel Moroni atop of the temple. That up close shot was especially for my grandpa.

After the tour, grandpa & nat took us out to lunch at Arriba's mexican grill and it was delicious!! I had to bring my food home, which I gladly ate the next day for lunch.

On Saturday, a group of us went to the Glendale Chocolate Affaire. It was pretty fun. The day was gorgeous with sunshine and a touch of warmness. It was my first time going to the event and I had been wanting to go since I've lived on the west side of town for nearly six years. Now, I can say that I've been. We all kept getting samples of different fudge lol, and just looking around at different vendors. I ended up getting a chocolate coconut shake (i thought it was iced) and well, I had already ordered and paid for it, so I drank a bit, and it just too much for me, too rich lol, so thankfully Mr. J finished it for me. We vow to never order that again! haha.


scott & kjerstin in deep convo

the brothers
 A bit later, Mr. J concocted special "fry sauce" that he insisted I i did, and it was tasty! We all shared this huge plate of fries because they were yummy! I got a super cute pic of Amanda and her boyfrand Andrew at what I'll call the "lovers tree." This tree is obviously old and had felt hearts tied around the tree on a diagonal. Only amanda and I were brave enough to go check out the wolf dogs. They were huge!

just the girls, dont mind the photo bomb
 The next few pics were toward the end of the afternoon. the weather was just perfect!


The weekend was one of the best! I still have catching up to do on the blog, but this post will suffice as I need to get back to working on valentines. Happy Wednesday! TWO more days til St. Valentine's Day!!! I am so excited!
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Kirstie Semler said...

Looks like so much fun! That temple looks so gorgeous!

holli said...

Oh my Gosh!! Chocolate fest sounds AMAZING!
You look gorgeous and i can tell you feel better.
That temple is very pretty.

Mercedes Lyne said...

these are sweet pictures! it looks beautiful!