Tuesday, June 10, 2014

little brother graduates!

On May 21st, my youngest brother graduated from high school! and with honors in Spanish! I sometimes call him Slim Jim because he's tall and skinny. He's also a golfer. He was on the varsity team since he was a freshman AND he was the number play those four years of high school! Yeh, I just gotta brag! Proud big sister here! He is off to the community college for his basics and then he'll probably transfer to a university for golf management.

So then on Saturday May 31st, I traveled out the east valley (about an hour from my house) to go to Slim Jim's graduation party. Before I went to my dad's, me and my friend Bradley stopped by my mom's house. It was good to visit with her and my aunt and our dogs. Oh those babies are so cute!

When I first got into my mom's doorway, I felt one of them licking my toes. It was emme saying hello and giving a little love! She is our last Boston Terrier. We rescued her. The couple that had her moved out of state, and so we took her. We had four, but the older three have passed on, emme is the last of the original four. She is so gentle and calm. She's the "mama" to our two other dogs, both boys. They absolutely adore her and their bodies have to touch hers, like if they are all laying down on the floor or couch, so funny.

Around 6pm, we arrived at my dad's for the party. It was so nice to see some family and old friends of our family's as well as a couple of my good neighbors that I've known for about 16-19 years! One of them, Chris, is so sweet. My leg started flaring up and I still had over an hour before I could take my next round of meds. She went over to her house across the street and brought me her ice pack that I could put on my leg to help me! The ice did seem to help much more than when I use my heating pad. Her ice pack was cool because it was soft and flexible, unlike those blocks you put in your lunch bag! haha.

Also at the party, I got to see my step aunt Sharon who is hilarious! Her and her hubby D live in the Houston, Texas area and so I don't always get to see them very much, maybe a couple times a year.

My stepmom and sister made lots of yummy sub sandwiches, almost 100! plus pasta salad (my fave!), chips & dip, and fresh fruit cut up.

I got to meet a couple of Slim Jim's good friends. Since I don't see my younger siblings that much, it's neat to meet their friends who they spend alot of time with ya know, especially when they were in the high school setting.

Of course, there was time for selfies! We love selfies!

Overall, it was a great time and happy I got to see my family!

I initially was going to post this on Saturday (a few days ago) but blogger was acting up and my post was lost! Frankly, I was quite mad and was not in the mood to draft it again and I had no more time, so I am hoping blogger cooperates and posts today!


Amanda said...

Happy graduation to your brother! I love hearing you brag about him!

The Rachael Way said...

Aw that sounds fun! I'm glad you got to see your family.

holli said...

Its always a great day when its spent with family. Your little brother is a cutie with those dimples. Yall do resemble for sure.
Glad you got out and had a great time! XOXO