About Me

Hello there! My name is Brittany but you can call me britt if you'd like. Either way is cool with me :)

 Child of God. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Cousin. Grand-daughter. Tutor. Couponer. Bargain Shopper. Letter writer. Card Crafter. makeup artist. blogger. keeper of secrets. reader. lover of comedies, dramas and indies. music junkie are some of my titles!

I am 29, going to be 30 in January and I can't wait! We're gonna have to party big! Ever since i was 23, became sick, hospitalized for 2 months and placed on the ventilator 24/7, my attitude changed. (you can read the intro and part 1 of my story, which i realize i still want to write more about it).I embraced getting older. birthdays were and are to be celebrated! I LOVE everyone's birthday, not just my own! I came so close to death, I thanked God for giving me what felt like a 2nd chance at life and wanted to praise him and thank him for the days I get, the days we get. Life is such a gift!

I am the oldest of 4. Alaska is 27. He currently resides in Oregon. The two younger ones are my half-siblings, but i just refer to them as my siblings, who cares about this half stuff!? lol (some ppl do). Sister J is 18 and Bubba bro is 16. they live about an hour away from me. My brothers and sister are my heart! i love them so much!

Single I am, for now! I am learning to embrace that this is the stage in life God needs me to be, but my heart desires to meet & marry a wonderful guy someday. I love kids, but having them myself is risky business but that mountain we'll climb later. I don't have any pets because where I live they aren't allowed, but i LOVE animals, especially dogs!! I refer to them as "the babies". Our furry companions need love, attention and gentle care. It makes me SICK and UPSET when i hear or see animals treated poorly or worse. My heart goes out to the ones who are abandoned, not wanted or abused. I am one of those people that HAS to change the channel as soon as I hear Sarah McLachlan's song that plays on the ASPCA commercials-SORRY! I can't take it! I always like to support no-kill animal shelters. If you want a puppy or dog, go rescue one!

I grew up & was raised Catholic, but I am on a spiritual journey (always) and becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am a-what you put out into the universe will come back to you-like what you sew is what you reap. i'm open minded to others beliefs and i sure do respect them. We are all searching for Truth. I think we all worship the same God. The Truth for me is found in Jesus Christ, who came, died and rose again for our Life! God has given me SO much strength and blessings throughout my life!

Here's a quote that sums my faith up and makes me laugh:

Lynda looking at my bookshelf, "you sure do have alot of God books."

Me: "well, i like Him."

This girl loves her family & friends like crazy. I believe in snail mail. I am a bit old fashioned in some respects. I think it's sexy when a guy has manners and opens the door for you. I am a coffee addict I quit drinking coffee but I still like starbucks for their chocolate chip fraps. I have one tattoo. Some days I feel like talking on the phone and some days i don't. I am a shopaholic too--whaaat!? I think I inherited the shopping bug from the ladies in my family-both of my nana's for sure! ;)

I hope you laugh, smile or feel encouraged when you stop by my blog! I want my blog to reflect my bubbly self, but also I want it to be a positive place of love where you feel welcome! 

Thanks for reading and let's enjoy the day!