Saturday, October 22, 2011

as promised

i havent blogged in a while, and as promised, im going to show you the projects I was working on for my exchange w/my friend Rachel E. For the last week, i've been sick. I've had a variety of symptoms w/different days being "oh this is the worst day". I never knew what i had/have--a flu, a chest cold, respiratory problems due to being on the vent. I've had fevers, fatigue, thicker congestion, BAD HEADACHES EVERY MORNING between 3-6am!, body aches, difficulty breathing, faster-than-normal-for-me heartrate/anxiety. Today was the first day I felt almost back to myself but my mom did notice that i've had better days. I was so happy to spend the day w/my mom and did a little retail therapy lol (just at one store, American Eagle). Ohh and my mom brought me chocolate chip ice cream for the house (i always share), so i'll be looking forward to that treat once iM better. I dont know about you, but when I don't feel well, one way to know is that i don't usually eat as much as i would, no cravings for sweets and instead of drinking iced coffee, i drink hot coffee/hot tea (preferably celestial seasonings sleepy time caffeine free tea(it's oh so yummy w/a little honey)! OMG what!!?? lol yeh..anyhoo here are the pics, and my dress that Rachel made is so cute! I'll post a pic when i wear it. Fits great and is comfortable!

 up close banner shot
candy corn terracotta pots


Amy said...

Sooo cute!! I love your amazing fun crafty stuff! You have so much talent!

pacefamilyblog said...

Me love love love your banner! Hope you get feeling better soon. I want to come see you so get better. If this weekend is all rainy again and Carter isn't sick, I will for sure come up and bring you a fall hot drink and we can craft together.