Tuesday, October 4, 2011

weekend fun

hi again! well this past weekend was so delightful! Friday, I got to spend the day with M. We hadn't seen each other in two year! We stopped for drinks and a pastry at starbucks and after we came back to my house just talked more and ate dinner together (we had mcdonald's night as my nurse sandy calls it: homemade hamburger and fries).

On saturday, i got to hang out w/my lovely friends Crystal and pammie! We had been trying to get all of us together since march and the time finally came! We went to the mall and shopped! it was SO much fun to spend time with the girls! I've missed them. My best bargain was a 3/4 sleeve, maroon, cowl neck dress from Forever21 for $5.99!! after we came back, the girls stayed for a while and we just talked so much and also visited w/Priscila.
They loved her and she loved them. I was so thankful that God was watching out for us because 1. it didn't pour rain like the news had predicted 2. my vent battery didn't die (as it had while i was out on friday!--which caused a bit of panic)
my day got better as I received an email from a really good friend and they told me they had written me a letter and would receive it this coming week! [i love getting/sending snail mail]. the email just brightened my day. I also watched the morning session of General conference online from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am not Mormon, but I enjoy watching/listening and reading the talks by the sisters/elders, apostles and president monson--i didn't realize but he's quite funny. I may not agree with all of the Church's teachings/beliefs, but there is alot that I do believe and agree with. There are things I've learned and from one of the sessions (on sunday i watched sat afternoon and sunday mornings) there were things that were spoken of that I NEEDED to hear...it was destiny! lol. Usually on sundays i check in with my mom and grandparents, especially if it's a weekend i don't see my mom. So i called both of them. I feel so very blessed and hopeful! It's tuesday night and it's been a great october so far. I love the Fall months!

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