Friday, October 7, 2011


haha get it?Howl-a-ween! haha, i crack myself up. cheesy like a full moon!

this week I completed an order for halloween birthday invites for a 8 year old girl named briana. She is the grand-daughter of one of my caregivers. Briana's bday is in late october and her mama asked me if i could make the invitations. I was quite honored and they loved them! Here's a couple of them that I made. All are quite similar, which did make it easier and faster for me to complete them in a timely manner. Oh and if you'd like a halloween card just to say "BoO" to give to a friend or family member, let me know.  I have enough materials to make a few more, plus I have 2 halloween cards already made that are different from the design below.

Currently, I am working on a couple different things. I am making a fall paper banner that will feature the word: thankful, for my friend rachel. We are doing an exchange, where I am making her a few fall decor items and in return, she is making me a dress! (she sews and is amazing!). Another item I am making her is terra cotta pots that i will paint and when they are done will look like candy corn. I also have made three girl owl paper bags(each one symbolizing her daughters). I'll post pictures of these things when I'm done with them, probably by tuesday!! After I complete these decorations, I am going to start on Christmas cards. I already know they will be in demand (i've already gotten a few requests!) and I am really grateful and excited about that. I've got to get busy working on them like an elf!

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pacefamilyblog said...

So cute! I can't wait to see your projects. I have some ideas and want to run them by you.