Thursday, January 12, 2012

t-minus 2

Today is officially t-minus two days until my birthday! I am way excited. More excited because just a few minutes ago, Paco told me he sent me a homemade card via snail mail! I can't wait to see. Also, it's been one day since January 11th, which fifteen years ago on that date, my nana Margarita passed on. I certainly miss her and asked myself, "has it really been 15 years?" Oh yes it has. She would have been 65-66 years old this year if she were physically present, but that is ok, because I know she is doing well and with us in spirit. Never far from my heart {ever}!

I shall also note that three days ago, my youngest brother (bubba) turned 16! OMG! He and our sister are learning to drive too! Wow! No worry there, because I know they will be cautious drivers and obey the laws of the road. Excited too because I will get to see them and the fam on sunday! I am just happy to be spending time with family and friends!

Don't worry, I will fully report on birthday weekend events next week. Shoot, I am gonna be celebrating all the month of January! :D

Talk with ya soon, I am going to go eat dinner. My stomach is growling. To try and curb appetite, i ate a handful of walnuts earlier. <-----attempting to snack healthier.

Hope you are all of good cheer!

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Lauren Helen said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a seriously awesome day! I can't wait to hear about it!