Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January, you've been swell

Oh January, how i've loved you. I can say that it's been a great and blessed month. God granted me the day to turn 29 this month and live to see more of his glorious goodness: in my family, in my friends, in the Perfect weather Az has been having these past handful of days and in my always forgiving four year old little friend P. who turned me into a frog this morning with a makeshift wand: a bubble heart balloon they put in flower baskets lol.

Over the past weekend, I had a wonderful girls day w/my mama.We bought some new makeup, which that will have to be it's own separate post (review time!) and strolled over to Barnes & Noble for chit chat over iced coffees and a new book for me: The House of Tyneford by Natasha Solomons. I started reading it last night and made it to chapter 4, so far so good and I KNOW i am going to love it, I already do.

Last week or so, I won a giveaway over at ragstostitchesblog ! The prize i won was a $25 credit toward a customizable blog design by the ever talented Amanda of royaldaughterdesigns!
I am SOO excited, so soon after tomorrow, you will see a new blog design-yay!! Can't wait!

Oh and yesterday was my grandpa Henry's 71st birthday! He's hilarious, caring, a jokester and on-the-go kind of guy. Here's him, me and his sweetheart last march (before they went on a hot air balloon ride for his 70th bday).
What a dream come true!

I do have to apologize for being behind in posts. I have been crazy busy working on/for my other blog Ms-Misc.com that I am co-author of, along with 4 other creative, fun ladies. Right now, we have a giveaway going on, so go check it out and make sure to enter before friday at midnight!! You'll love it, I promise! ;)

See ya in February!

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