Saturday, January 7, 2012


HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!!! we have made it through the first week of the new year and for me (as i hope for you) has been great! I apologize for not posting anything since november---my OH MY!!! The holiday months were so busy crazy. I don't have an official paying job, but man, i am always doing something. One of these things is co-authoring a new blog, w/a good friend of mine. This blog will be featuring home decor tips, sewing tutorials, recipes, crafts and ways to save money! So far, there are four of us ladies writing for the blog. Check it out here! I am so excited for the new beginnings of this blog and for the anticpation of its success!

How were your holidays? I got to spend mine with both sides of my family and eat yummy food-ham, green bean casserole, tamales, beans, pumpkin pie (not all at the same time!) I've been doing a Bible study of the Old Testament with Paco (real name not used) since September/oct of 2011, started at Genesis, but for the week BEFORE Christmas, we decided to read the first couple chapters of the four gospels of Jesus's birth story. I found that beneficial and inspiring, for we wouldn't have Christmas without Christ. And let me tell you, every time I heard O come O come Emmanuel ", my heartstrings were tugged. I relished in Pandora's Christmas Radio, but that is over now and now we celebrate the new year in believing in Emmanuel-that God is with us and for us! It is my hope that this year and everyday this year brings us love, happiness and strength, to embrace whatever comes our way and to believe in the goodness of our gracious God.

Goals for this week: work on valentine's cards to sell
write part 2/3 of couponing tips for

***and guess what!? My 29th bday is next saturday!!!

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Lauren Helen said...

It sounds like you've had a pretty good year so far!

I know what you mean about O Come O Come Emmanuel - I did a post on my blog about my favourite Christmas songs, and I linked to a really beautiful version of that song - you should check it out! It's never too late for Christmas music ;)

I checked out ms-misc and it looks really professional and like it'll be a really fun project for you! Best of luck!