Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's day wrap-up

valentine' day 2013 proved to be one of the best and sweetest valentine's I've ever had, even though my social status has always been, so far: single.

I hung out last night with two of my "beary" good friends, Tessa & James. We had dinner that Heide made..we love tacos, rice & beans! 

James made "earthquake cake"--a recipe that he got from him mama in Texas. He made it his own with adding red food coloring and attempting to make hearts in celebration love day and he also used regular chocolate cake mix vs german chocolate cake mix, that walmart couldn't even keep stocked! :( 

It came out looking like steak! bahahahhah. 
now it's coined " earthquake heartbreak steak cake"

It was so fun to spend time with these two friends of mine and still celebrate love, because....

"Valentine's day is NOT just for lovers!" hahahahah

Poor Tessa has been so exhausted from teaching that she fell asleep about an hour after dinner. I heart my love!

We all gathered in the big living room and watched, Liberal Arts. It stars Joshua Radnor from How I met your mother and Elizabeth Olsen--sister of the famous twins. I really like her and her acting and also HIMYM. I could definitely watch this movie again. It portrays how sometimes it's hard to grow up, but then also, how someone young is wiser, more intelligent than her peers, but still needs to experience life.

Here are some sweet and thoughtful valentine's that I received from my sweethearts:

v-day sweets & notes. do you see that sexy brown m&m? that's me! lol

the most delicious NON-CALORIE cupcake ever!!

a new mug to add to my collection since i keep breaking mine!
fun package from my family. I LOVE the notecards, Hello!

surprise from my cousin Richard!

Hope you all had a lovely and sweet day celebrating the love/s in your life!

It's all about the love, yo!

and now i'll leave you with a few out-takes:
eeeks! i looked scared lol

Rawr! that means i love you in Dinosaur. t-rex here.

Day 3 of my birthday bash weekend will be posted soon. xo


Amanda said...

So glad you had a good Valentine's Day girl! :) Love is such a good thing.. no matter what level it is on!

Alli said...

You got spoiled! Sweet!

holli said...

Yum, I want to try a a cherry cola candy bar ! So glad you had a fun and happy Valentines day.

Tygre Caley said...

Haha, love the new mug! ;) Looks like you guys had tons of fun!

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

You are too cute!! I love all of your sweet gifts - you obviously have lots of friends that love you to pieces! I also loved Liberal Arts - very sweet and thought provoking film. Have a lovely week, girl! xo