Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIW: pink and stripes

This past weekend was a slightly cold & blistery day. The wind spiked at different times and Sofia and I were brave to go walking to walgreens.

Before we left, I just had to get some photos of myself in my outfit, since I made the effort to get really dressed and put my makeup on, even adding a pair of earrings! Wow, look at me! hahahaha

cardi: gap (was a gift), tunic dress: F21, jeans: Target, earrings: worldmarket
 With our Arizona winter, I am usually found in printed pajama bottoms and tee with maybe my crocheted granny sweater with hair up in a mess for 2 days or maybe 3 days straight (no brushing involved), not even joking.

Oh, and let me point out that I used my newest makeup product. It's by Flower, Drew Barrymore's new makeup line only sold at Walmart. I used the cream eyeshadow in orchiding around. Here's a couple pics so you can see. It looks more grey, but it's really a mauvey-grey color.

I really like this shadow. It glides on and blends easily. It feels like mousse on your eyelids and for about $8 i was willing to try it! I definitely would like to pick up a couple other gorgeous shades in:
vine of the times and i lilac you alot = those two would pair well together!

I'd also like to say I semi-enjoyed watching the Oscars on sunday night. I know, I am like 4 days late commenting on that. I just love to see what pretty gowns (or not) the stars wear! I got teary eyed by Ben's speech, which was real, authentic and  devoted to his wife. Maybe you heard it? I also was emotionally moved by Anne Hathaway's acceptance speech about keeping hope that maybe one day, there won't be anymore unfortunate circumstances that women like Fontine have to endure.

Oh and if you aren't following And Here's to you Mrs. Robinson on facebook,you should because Megan posted this video on  her page over the weekend that made my eyes well up! Yeh, I've been pretty emotional lately..ok, what am I talking about? I am always emotional!

have the best week pretties! 

" Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


Chelsea Melrose said...

You look beautiful!! I love the pink sweater and the eye shadow!

SimplyHeather said...

Girl, your style is amazing! Your make up looks so pretty. I hope your day went well! xoxo

Alicia said...

Ooh I love your makeup!

Becca Acker said...

You look so nice! Cute outfit and very cute eyeshadow. :)

Amanda said...

Cute outfit girlfriend! Looks great, as always!

holli said...

Missed you girlie! Glad you're back and looking fabulous! I dont wear eyeshadow because i dont knwo how to properly apply after all these years. I stick to eyeliner. Hugs!

Lynne said...

I too enjoyed the Oscars - and most of the enjoyment came from looking at the gowns the ladies were wearing.....I am not much of a 'go see a movie in a theater' kind of person... Lincoln was the only nominated film I had seen. I think I saw 5 movies in the theater last year "Rock of Ages", "Magic Mike", "Dark Shadows" (ugh, there was a total waste of $$), "Lincoln" and "Guilt Trip". Wow, that's a big year for me....most years we go only once! My favorite dress was Kerry Washington's! Have a great week, and stay husband has been sick for a week, and last night, it finally made its way to me....I had been congratulating myself on escaping it. Ha....I guess I definitely spoke too soon.

Megan Tenney said...

Hot to trot, sexy mama! I need to try that eyeshadow- it looks pretty! Did they have any in like a gold metallic? My favorite gold metallic eye shadow got discontinued, and it was my go-to look! Which is odd because I don't usually do gold elsewhere, but it totally worked for me!! ;)

Kristen @ KV Confessions said...

Super cute eyeshadow and outfit! I also loved the Oscars and Ben's speech - it's nice to see celebs live and off script, they seem so much more real and down to earth.