Thursday, February 28, 2013

life lately

I've been laying here with my laptop on my lap trying to come up with some snazzy title to go with this blog post.

life lately came to mind because, well, these are things lately that make me happy.

+ making lists. see exhibit A:

+ remembering that I have lacked in keeping up with my food journal, thus re-starting recording what I consume on the daily.
see the near month long gap!?

+ my dad & family's new rescued dog, Bogey. Long story short, but it seems that he was abandoned. My brother bubba found him while at work and they bonded and now he has a warm home to roam around and chew up things. Dad says he eats like a horse, but how could you not just love this face?

i texted bubba the night my dad told me that they had Bogey. I said to bubba, I am so glad that you found bogey and that he followed you at work and that you two bonded! I love him already and haven't even met him.

+ being productive & seeing the fine finished product of my labor & creativity

+i recently joined the community of bloglovin!!! come find and follow me  if ya love bloglovin too!

+ replaying "radioactive" by Imagine Dragons and "nothing is wasted" by elevation worship
shoot, I should make another blog post about my current playlist mix!



what things or persons or furry friends have put a smile on your face? 
any cool songs you've had on repeat?


Alli said...

I love bloglovin! I'm glad you're there!

Amanda said...

I love that your brother took in that sweet little dog! What an awesome story!

Sue said...

Your craftiness is awesome :)