Tuesday, March 5, 2013

dating disasters

When I saw this link up being promoted on Tales of a Twenty-something, i just knew i wanted to join Allie and Bold Baby Butter for a walk down memory lane in talking about some of our dating disasters.

One perfect storm one came to mind. 

This was about 4 years ago when I was on an on-line dating service. You may have heard of it, Plenty of Fish?

omg, i THOUGHT that I was talking to this cool guy. We'll call him D. we had corresponded online for about a month before we decided we'd like to meet in person for our first so-called date.

he made me laugh. he was dark blonde with hazel eyes, i think? lol. he was Christian. he called me darling. We were close in age.

I started to like him even though he was kinda dorky and he told me he loved brunettes. hello! we both enjoyed talking on the phone with each other.

because I can't go anywhere alone due to my medical situation, my caregiver Sofia went w/me to meet D for coffee. we decided we'd just pick up some starbucks and then find a place to sit & chat, and while us 2 were sitting together, sofia sat at another table some distance from us to give us privacy.

Well, we of course arrive early (i don't like to be late) and he called lost & running a little late.I told him where we were and he'd be there in a few minutes. I keep my eyes peeled for him and what I think he looks like (according to his profile pics). I was weaving my gaze through the people approaching and I spot him!

I mumbled, OH NO! I see him. I can't believe this, that's him! I said to sofia, OMG this is not going to work! hahaha..I was like what the hell!? (i know, i might sound conceited, but this was a preview of the date)

As he walked closer to the door, he dawdled like how shaggy walks from the cartoon Scooby doo, which made me chuckle. Plus he looked like he just rolled outta bed! His shirt had stains on it and not tucked into his shirt or anything. He wore dirty tennis shoes, his hair a mess.

Oh geez. 

SO I smiled and greeted him. I was nervous already and more so when I already knew I was probably gonna have to let him down.

We got into line for coffee and made small talk. He first went in front of me in line and just paid for his drink. He didn't offer to pay for mine! Sofia met my eyes as she couldn't believe that and that he was not so gentlman-ly. We both smirked.

So we get our drinks and go find a table to talk.

I put alot of effort into looking cute for this first "coffee date" and I was pretty bummed to see him in person without making any effort.

Maybe I was being too harsh, i thought?
Maybe my expectations were too high?
How shallow was I to be making fun (in my head) of how he carried himself?

I said No way especially in the first 15 minutes of sitting there talking with him because I was getting this weird vibe from him.

My guts did not give me a 100% comfortable feeling being in his presence.

To me, that was the sign from the Spirit telling me this dude was a no-go!

I ended our supposed-to-be-an-hour meeting a bit early and made the excuse that Sofia wanted to go check out this store before we left the shopping area and that i had to go.

I called him later that evening or he called me, I can't remember. But i just told him, I am sorry, this isn't going work.

Oh D, I am really sorry I hurt your feelings.

Sorry i had to break your heart.

It sucks because I've been broken-hearted and the heart-breaker.

That's what happens in the realm of love.

Never again have I met a guy in person from on-line! lol.



Anonymous said...

He could have at least combed his hair and worn clean clothes! I don't think you were superficial...he clearly didn't think you were important enough to dress up for.

I've been reading all of the posts for this link-up, and this is the third one about a guy that was found on Plenty Of Fish.

Lourdes said...

cat fish! lol how awkward I cant do blind dates I have such a crazy imagination and would think he was a super model lol...thanks for sharing this

Amberly said...

Ha ha, I love this story! Thanks for sharing!

Alyssa said...

Sounds like an awkward date! It might have been uncomfortable at the time, but I loved reading it :) it gave me a good chuckle! Thanks for sharing!

holli said...

Seriously? If he cant even buy you a frikin cup of coffee- its not like a full meal?! Kick him to the curb for sure.

still being [molly] said...

hahaha oh my goodness!! what a story, britt! and the fact that he didn't buy your coffee? COME ON, DUDE!! that is awful. glad you kicked him to the curb!!

Clara Schoen said...

Oh no! I have a similar date where he didnt pay and I high tailed it out of there pretty quick. He was strange and didnt take a hint that i was interested.

Oh well, guess we all get duds at some point or another.

Hope you have a great rest of your Tuesday!

BoldButterBaby said...

I hate that! you put so much effort and they are NOTHING like they act online!

chrysalis1975 said...

WOW! He could have at least made an effort (eg. combed hair, unstained clothes, bought you a cup of coffee at the very least!!), but then if he'd had, imagine the 2nd date?!?! It was totally God who rescued you ;) I've never done the online dating before, although I've used blogs & FB to talk to guys. However, after this story, maybe the date in person is NOT the thing to do, lol :)


shopwithpippa.com said...

What a horrible experience ... sorry! It reminds me of that commercial about the girl meeting a model who is a slob!