Monday, March 11, 2013

makeup & movies monday

happy monday! 

My day has been off with a slow start. feeling sleepy..*yawn*! 

I've been getting distracted watching makeup tutorials on youtube hehe. I love the Pixiwoo sisters, which i just got the Real Techniques travel size brush set from Christmas,(THANKS MOM!) that Samantha Chapman (one half of pixiwoo) designed! I feel almost professional now! and Kandee Johnson is so lively and cute. I just love seeing how other women: self-taught or professional create different looks and what products they use.

So, how are you today? the weekend was spent mostly lounging around watching movies: argo &  playing for keeps. Arizona had some down pour of rain, grey skies that left me feeling a bit gloomy saturday. my attitude needing adjusting or maybe just some sleep? lol watching movies was relaxing enough.

Argo: 4.5/5 stars!
Ben Affleck is a genius and made this movie as real as possible. My whole body was tensing up during this movie. I was rooting for his character Tony and the six Americans who escaped the overtaken U.S. Embassy and were in hiding from the Iranian government! I am really happy that Argo won Best Picture at the Oscars. He and his whole team did a great job.

Playing for Keeps: 3/5 stars!
This was a good slightly fluff comedic/romantic/drama. I really like Jessica Biel. Gerard Butler? how could i say no to him.  hubba!! I was sort of getting tired of the all the women throwing themselves at him, aka repeat offenders (mainly Catherine Zeta-Jones's character as well as Judy Greer's character) but the last 30 minutes was redeeming and Gerard/George finally got his act together.

With it being monday and talking about makeup tutorials above, let's continue the lightness. I'll share a couple new makeup products I've gotten recently.

You might have remembered me mentioning the Flower color play cream shadow by Drew Barrymore that i wore in an outfit post recently? Well, i loved it so much I ended up getting two more shades.

Here is awesome blossom and good on mari-gold.

swatches: good on mari-gold on top// awesome-blossom on botton

pretty jars

I've tried them both but have failed to snap pictures. I am thinking they will both be well for upcoming summer. The marigold is definitely gilded and I like it!

Plus, I have SOME FUN news for ya! I am taking part of an awesome giveaway that  the lovely Pamela of Pamela's Heavenly Treats, (maybe you know her and the scrumptious recipes she makes?) and some other Fabulous ladies have contributed to!

Do you love to craft? Do you love to scrapbook ? Then this is PERFECT for you!
$50.00 Michael's Gift Card

You can buy a lot of scrapbook paper, yarn, washi tape, baking supplies oh how I LOVE this store!  Since I am a baker, its like Baker's Heaven!

Special THANK YOU to my wonderful lovelies for being apart of this fabulous giveaway


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This giveaway is not sponsored by MICHAEL's Stores. You must live in the USA to win giveaway! Make sure you are honest, I will be checking each entry! Winner will have 48 hours to get back to me to claim there prize if not another winner will be picked! This giveaway was made possible by bloggers and shop owners! 


Pammy said...

i love those colors, where did you get them?

still being [molly] said...

i LOVE the pigment in those colors. where can you buy Flower beauty stuff?

also i LOVED argo! such a good movie!

Laurie said...

Pretty colors! I usually go for gold, tans, and browns :)

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