Wednesday, February 19, 2014

what i wore wednesday: chevron maxi + braid

*This post is not sponsored by any name brands/products mentioned. I simply like praising my favorites.

This dress is one of my favorites from Downeast Basics. It's cute, modest and just so comfortable! Chevron print is and has been a trend among bloggers and women in general, as far as I can tell, from photos posted on facebook, instagram and sold in stores large and small. Downeast's "steadfast" maxi dress has cap sleeves and thinner lines that's cute. I can't justify the price right now though. I didn't really jazz up my outfit, though I am thinking in the future of a bubblegum pink necklace and my bow studded earrings? hmmm...future OOTD (outfit of the day)!?The focus was more on the hair today. The fact is, I rarely have my hair braided, so it was a treat and I liked how it turned out. Maria didn't know what style of braid this was called; she just saw it on youtube.

totally in the kitchen
Hey! Speaking of instagram, you can now find me at: btrevino3.
I've been thinking of getting a new blog design, so once I finally go through with it, i'll make sure to get a insta button link! I am looking for someone {very} affordable, like $50 or less. I am just not sure what color scheme I want. I have a few designers in mind though.

I decided to keep my makeup pretty natural since I was in a more, relaxed kind of mood today. I used a single light tan shadow on my lids from my Urban Decay Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette with extra coats of mascara. I then topped my lips with Kate Moss for Rimmel's lipstick in 101 (i'll be reviewing this soon) with a caramel gloss on top.

Once again, my grandpa M. did a great job snapping these couple pics for me with my iphone! He thought it was easier to take photographs with my phone versus my Sony digital camera. haha.

I, of course, got a photo of sweet Perla enjoying the fresh air and overcast sky (hanging right over us) outside.

Arizona's been having gorgeous days and I am so in love.

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Katie said...

i love that dress - so cute! i want a new blog design too! but don't want to buy a ton for it! :)

Anonymous said...

You look so beautiful :)