Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday// 02

What a week! It wasn't so great in the productive department and my poor little blog has suffered because of it. Sleep for me this past week has been terrible and not to sound like I am complaining (that's what naps are for), it's just really affected my days. I had great feedback from the last Five on Friday that I've decided we'll give it another go! :)

One. I've ordered some things from pretty places like Nordstrom's and Fifth and Mae, which packages have arrived this week. Good news is that something I ordered from Nordie's doesn't fit me well, so that's going to be something I'll be giving away in March! Now, fifth and mae. IF you haven't heard of the website, it's super cute and you should visit. They have super cute jewelry that is way affordable. Do you love my new ring? I sure do since I am an instagram fanatic now! I got this baby from a flash sale! It's good to be friends on facebook with companies!

Two. All this hashtag biz reminds me of that funny video with Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, which video can be number two because i love it.

#ilovehashtags #letmeseeyouhashtag #canigetahashtag

Three. Went to lunch with my dear amanda on wednesday. we enjoyed cheeseburgers at johnny rockets. we had fun while waiting for our food. then did a lil shoppin! Can't wait to wear my new dress. It's a bit more dressy for church. It was nice to spend time with amanda since she's been quite busy finishing up school and did so before she went out of town to visit her family.

FOUR. people that are bipolar are interesting. I have a good friend that struggles with it at times. He can be quite entertaining and can also entertain himself, yet at times needs to be entertained. I worry about him often, but overall, he's got it under control. I feel bad when he spirals out of the loop, and can't imagine living with a mental disorder like that. I pray his spirit to be strong and for anyone who deals with this or any other mental or behavioral issues( i sometimes struggle with anxiety & take a low dose med for depression), I hope you never feel alone, because you are not. And there's nothing to be ashamed about.

FIVE. I was a victim of a drive by hello an hour ago. this person reads my blog, so i should tell him that I bought him a surprise, which is chewy, sweet and in the shape of an animal. Also, James, my P.I.C,  and I were almost gone with the wind...meaning, AZ is expecting a storm and rain tonight and all day tomorrow. We sure could use it.

Goodnight all. I am about to go watch The Spectacular Now. Redbox was out of alot of movies and the two that James and I had originally picked out. Oh well, snacks here I come.

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Lynne said...

If you and James are Gone With The Wind, then I am about to be in Blizzard and Ice Storm. Ha ha. Thankfully I have plenty of supplies, and nowhere I need to be late tonight and tomorrow....Pastor is kindly offering a church service tonight at 5:00 - and since the precipitation isn't supposed to start until later, I am going to go,then if tomorrow is yukky, I will have still had a chance to worship with my church family. You try to stay dry, and I'll try to stay warm! : )