Monday, May 12, 2014

5 little confessions

I feel like I want to bust of a box that I've been confined to
for a week now...and one way I can do that i typing up this fun blog post and linking up with Jacque and friends!

I think link-ups are pretty fun. not so serious. I've been too serious lately. Time for a little fun. I always enjoy reading other people's posts like these that give what seem like random details into their lives...stalker-ish much? ok, you do too?! great! :)

There's no set theme for my five little confessions, so here ya go:

1. I've been sick with respiratory problems for over a week. There's been lots of extra albuterol breathing treatments and naps. Last night I took my last dose of prednisone (steroid and tastes gross!).  I go back to see my pulmonologist tomorrow to make sure I am A-Ok. I am feeling better but not quite 100%. The many thoughtful prayers I've had on my behalf and priesthood blessings I've received are helping me. This past weekend I felt like I had an epiphany spiritually and I think that's helped my health overall, because being stuck inside has lead me to think of myself as the bubble girl.

2. The House Bunny, The Vow, Full House, Criminal Minds, Hart of Dixie and The Backup Plan have been seen this past week. *guilty mindless indulgences*. I just love Anna Farris. I don't watch much tv, but since being sick, I've watched more than usual.

3. I know over ten people who are graduating this month! From Kindergarten to Medical School. I want to give everyone a gift but I can't afford it, so a nice card will have to do.

4. I am planning to enroll through ASU online and take a class by August. I am quite excited to start school again (been out for 4 years) and work toward my bachelor's degree.

5. I can only drink organic milk. I did an experiment with different milks about three years ago. Soy, Lactose free, almond and it wasn't all fun.They all gave me stomach cramps and diarrhea! My stomach doesnt agree with regular milk. I am thankful my body can handle organic milk because I LOVE chocolate milk or strawberry milk (thanks Nestle Nesquik!) and I sometimes crave cold cereal. Mmm, multi-grain cheerios, fruity pebbles, honey bunches of oats or good ol corn flakes.

mmm chocolate milk
* no Nestle or cereal companies did not pay me to say the above. just my own opinion!

what are your favorite cereals? Have you seen any good movies or shows lately?


holli said...

I love cereal but i also dont like mild by itself. It makes my stomach gurgle too. I eat cereal for dinner many times!

Aubrey said...

being sick is the worst! glad you're on the mend. thanks for linking up.

Carrie said...

That's awesome you are going to take an online class! Sorry to hear you've been sick. :(

Orly said...

if you love ana farris you will love "whats your number". it is really funny
your blog is really inspirational, i have to say! keep posting, i love reading it