Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Right now, I have an overwhelming sense of empowerment because I know who I am, and who i am NOT and in things/people I believe in. To my discovery early this afternoon, a good friend of mine was under "attack" for an article based on faith that she posted on facebook yesterday. she merely was wanting to have an open dialogue. We may not have known each other a long time (all in relativity anyways) or be BFF's(yet ;)), but i do know that she is caring, creative, serves others, loves her hubby and kids, etc, the goodness could go on. The bottom line is that some people like to point fingers at others for their own insecurities. I am so honored to be her friend and stand firm in my beliefs to "love unconditionally" and be forgiving because that is what Christ teaches. How can we be so quick to assume things ,start to turn on our true friends or have the attitude that one faith is the only true faith(being so closed minded), when God continually pours out his love on us and his mercy? I am not saying I've never done these things, but I realize this and admit it because I am not perfect, i do mess up at times. I admire bravery and women especially who choose to have a voice in matters. People who stand up for what they believe to be true and dear to their heart is inspiring, because it makes us look at ourselves and ask, "are we being true with ourselves?" All of this reminds me of a Bible verse that my friend C has as her signature in her emails :

"Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act." -Proverbs 3:27

God gave us the freedom of agency. He gave us the tools we need to make daily choices of how best to serve Him and those we love. He isn't expecting perfection, but that we try our best. He has confidence in us! You may not agree with one's choices or belief system. It doesn't make them any less a child of God if it's different from yours. (in my opinion).


Ms. Misc. said...

I love that scripture.

Lauren Helen said...

What an inspiring post! A pleasure to read!

Sue said...

I often find myself withholding opinions (especially on Facebook) because I know how opinionated, close-minded, and sometimes very mean people can be. It makes me sad that people can't just get along. I do not agree with most of my friends on their political or religious views but I would never tell them they are wrong or start a fight with them over it. I love what you've said here about it all. Thank you for sharing!

Grace said...

psh, I've been going through that lately. If I put ANYTHING about God I know my atheist "friend" will bash it or say something snarky. I'll literally post something and be like "3....2...1..." and his angry comment will pop up. The only reason I haven't deleted his ass is because he seems, above all else, angry. So I decided he can be a caricature of an angry little atheist and I'll go on being me ;)