Thursday, November 15, 2012

things I've taught my grandparents recently

I daydream.

I get distracted easily.

I start on one task and then sometimes that turns into 3 more things i am doing or collecting to do.

While daydreaming earlier, I was thinking of yesterday, when my grandparents came to visit me.

I taught my grandpa how to make tea. He's always drunken one cup of coffee as his choice of hot beverage. Poor grandpa has gotten the cold.  He's getting better, alot better since the weekend, but his voice sounded raspy and hoarse. I suggested he try drinking some hot tea, especially with a bit of honey. He agreed.

The only tea I had was Celestial Seasonsings Caffiene free Sleepy Time Tea. You know, the green box with bears on it? :) it's my fave for when I feel sicky, which thankfully only happens 1-2 times per year. I hesitated on giving him that one because i didnt want him to end up falling alseep while driving them home an hour later. So even thought it's tastier and calming than regular ol lipton, I decided on the lipton that we had in the kitchen, thanks to Sandy, my nurse.

It's made me chuckle reflecting on yesterday's event because my grandpa told me he'd like to take some of my tea home for some throat relief. It's not that normal for my grandpa to try new things. He's set in his ways. I told him to take the honey with him too.

A couple other things I've taught them is:

This past May, my grandpa asked me how to vote. you know, the real-election-ballot-voting! He's 77 and NEVER in his life has he cared to vote. But boy of boy, he sure's been invested in politics these past few years and all riled up over Obama [and not in a good way]! lol. I was SO excited to get my grandpa registered and marking the box to receive an early mail-in ballot. It's 2012 and my grandpa casted his vote for the very first time. That's a memory I'll never forget.

Then there's my nana, who about a month ago, asked me matter of factly:
"Britt, I need a cell phone. How do i get a cell phone?"

We all know that plans and phones depend greatly on your needs or how much you'll use the phone. I tried explaining the "depending" issues as simply as possible because my grandparents, especially my nana, get confused so easily. And as I type this, i think I may have already told you guys that my nana has gotten her first cell phone! lol.

Well for an update on how that's's going great! Nana actually speed dialed me (I am set to #2) last monday! She was calling me from Walmart. My grandpa must have just dropped her off. It makes me smile to know that I've made my nana's life a little less stressed for when it comes to her whole going out to the store. 

also just yesterday, I showed both my nana & grandpa how to turn ON and OFF her cell phone. "press and hold down the red button for 3 seconds." I love it!

It's really a privilege to ME that I get to help my grandparents for instance, especially at their older age. They have always been there for me and our family. 

My grandpa used to sometimes drop me off or pick me up from Kindergarten. 
My nana took care of me when I was constantly sick from my asthma when I was a child as both of my parents worked full-time.
They pick up things I need from the store since they know I can't just drop everything and go by myself.

It's really an honor to be able to help them with little things or 21st century things they don't quite understand like doing a survey online or googling for a local pet groomer versus inquiring the black print phone book.

My nana & grandpa may be aging and old-fashioned, but they have shown me that they are brave spirits to allow themselves to try or do things that otherwise may be a bit scary to them compared to the much simpler days of their youth.

I hope that if I live to their age, that I am strong and brave and curious like them. Who knows how things will be for us 20-30 somethings in 50 years?!


Pammy said...

I have to meet your Nana and Tata!

Chelsea Melrose said...

Aw, what great memories!!! Voting for the first time! That's amazing.