Monday, November 26, 2012

weekend recap

This is the last weekend of November. So crazy how the rest of this year is flying by and going to fly by. Did you brave the crowds and go shopping on friday? I spent the weekend doing various things such as:

-shopping at Walgreens on black friday (though I don't count that as black friday scoring major deals shopping). just getting a few necessities.

-watching Water for Elephants. OMG, be warned animal lovers as there is mistreatment of animals displayed! I almost couldn't handle it and I will not be watching it again. However, to portray of how people & animals were treated in the late 1920's, early 30's, it's accurate that way. I was totally rooting for all the good people in that film. Have you seen it? Did you read the book?

-eating Thanksgiving leftovers. ham, turkey, pumpkin pie (i devoured 3 pieces!). I am so over turkey & ham lol.

-curling my hair and wearing it down. Now, this might not seem like such a news worthy mention, but it is because i ALWAYS have my hair up some way. I will only wear it down if it's curled and teased and hairsprayed. Sadly, I have not been able to do my own hair for 5 years now and so I must rely on my caregivers to do my hair for me. They typically don't have alot of extra time to really make my hair look pouffy and nice everyday, so once in a while, like this weekend was so fab to do something different with it!
I was seriously about to cry and then I laughed right after

i love my poufy hair!

it's so long. I'm wanting to donate to Pantene's beautiful lengths program (like locks of love)

-sorting, tearing and organizing papers/envelopes, newer addresses compiled into one, paper business stuff.

-calling each set of grandparents.

-writing a letter.

-planning and starting to package my SECRET SANTA SWAPPER's gift! I can't wait to find out who got me!
-trying not to be discouraged about a few things in my life. One of them being how I've been a random, not-so-with-it blogger! hahaha. and also, my weight. I know alot of you out there can relate to getting bogged down about the size we are or the rolls we got. The topic of weight and self-image is a HUGE other enchilada to write about so I'll stop for now. 

My friend C is such a great example of trusting in the Lord and being a light to those in darkness. Our life is really not about us, but about others. She reminds me unknowingly to be strong & courageous and to TRUST in God's plan for me. I believe God lives and He answers prayers because one got answered this week within my family and I am SO happy!

and because the season of giving is among us, I wanted to let you know that my dear friend Kendra of A Proverbs 31 Wife currently has 3 giveaways going on NOW:  Virgin Coconut Oil, Nov group giveaway and  3 bottles of NuNaturals Stevia Enter for yourself or if you win, you could pass it on to a friend! :)

I know today's Cyber Monday and i totally participated last year but funds are low at the moment, so no snagging deals online today! Bummer! Don't forget that if you are shopping today, go through or for some cash back on your purchases if the selected store is in their directory. And No, I was not compensated for mentioning either of these sites. I just love helping people save money and getting the most for their dollar!


Alli said...

Your hair looks gorgeous! Glad you had fun!

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Thanks for the mention, my friend, and I love ebates!

Pammy said...

b! glad you had a great weekend. i read and saw the movie water for elephants. i liked them both. but i can totally understand the animal abuse. i wasnt to crazy about that either.your hair looks fabolous and I love the curls!

Megan10e said...

Love the hair, and glad it made you so happy!

Life as a Bird said...

Wow you have such a cute blog! You seem amazing!