Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012

Wanna see the pretty festive people & Perla the dog, that made up my Halloween this year? 

Now, in my halloween preview post, i showed you my pink makeup. 
I actually did a video tutorial on this, but I had eyelash problems {im SO not a professional at fake lashes}  and the vid dragged on, so I'm not sure if i'll post it?

i love my crazy hair!
I Sure did use alot of hairspray to get my hair to be big & poufy!  
 see my completed outfit. 

I was aiming to be the pink lady that walks her pink dog in the Hunger Games movie. She has a non-speaking part-just walks by in the Capitol. However, after I tried on the wig and added my orange and two-toned pink socks, I felt more like a pink ooompa loompa. However again, for those of you in Arizona, I may have resembled the pink cotton candy lady in the Arizona State Fair commercials lol.
Mulan going to chop my head off, which apparently I am happy about lol
the Brave royal family

red riding hood & the pink lady!
In our neighborhood, the houses are not so close together and on our street, there is literally one lamplight, so it does look dark & spooky! We did not get ONE trick-or-treater! I kept going outside pacing on the driveway looking for ghosts & goblins to come by & pick up some candy, but nope. Linda and I saw a HUGE group of parents & kids, at least 25 people, passing by. We yelled to them, "hey! over here!" as our next two neighbors were hoping for treaters too, but that big group of people ignored us and kept walking by..BOO to them!

I did marvel at the FULL MOON! soo cool! This is the best photo I managed to take with my camera.

And I only indulged in one mini twix and a cookie the whole night! hehe. What candies or treats did you consume?
I ended the night by going to rent a movie with James, which by the time we got back, i was ready for bed.  It was time to de-pinkify! Hope all who celebrated Halloween had a fun & safe time! Until next year...

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Jovan said...

Love your costume and wig! :) Thanks for posting about your Halloween. I love hearing about what people did and what they dressed up as.