Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Big, Beautiful & Broke, me too!

Howdy all! 
I've got a bright spirit sharing on the blog today and her name is Chelsea!
I actually met Chelsea about a couple months ago because she won a prize from me in a group giveaway that I participated in! I have enjoyed getting to know her a bit through exchanged emails and she is a Venti sponsor of mine right now! I just love it when you somehow click and quickly befriend another blogger! Just maybe that'll happen to you too when you go say Hi

Hi! I'm Chelsea and I blog over at The Big, Beautiful & Broke Blog! I started my blog this summer and vowed to write everyday for a year, to document the ups and downs to prove to myself that I can get through tough times in one piece! I am a registered nurse in an incredibly busy emergency department! I have been a nurse for over six years and am starting graduate school this winter working towards a degree in nursing education. When I'm not working or writing incredibly long, boring papers, I love to shop, blog, craft and attempt new recipes! I hope that you all will stop by and visit soon!

Britt e-mailed me the following interview questions...and here are my answers:

If you could have any superhero power, what would it be and why? I'm not sure if this counts as a superhero power, but I would want to be a shield. Have you all seen the Twilight movies or read the book series? Bella is considered a "shield", which means she has the power to protect her loved ones from harm. Working in an emergency room, I see all kinds of traumatic injuries and illnesses. My biggest wish is that I could protect my friends and family from having to deal with the kinds of things I see on a daily basis. 

What color do you feel represents you? like your style, personality, energy? Purple is my favorite color so I think it represents me. Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. I can be very calm and stable, but I also can be temperamental. I think I have to have these qualities to be an ER nurse. Purple also represents ambition and I was voted "most ambitious" in my class prophecies. 

Have you ever traveled outside of the U.S.? Where did you go? Or what has been your best vacation thus far? I have traveled all over the US, however the furthest I have traveled outside of the US is the Bahamas. I went on a cruise with my family when I was in middle school. It was fun, but the ship was TINY. You could feel every wave. I think at the first dinner, I saw around five people vomit. So gross! My dream vacation would be to go to Italy.

What's one "weird" thing that others tell you, you do? This is a great question for my husband. He tells me all the time I have "weirdness". I set my alarm for weird times...I won't set it on the normal 00,15,30 or 45. I'll pick like 1007...or my wake-up alarm when I work is 05:43. When I sleep I have to be surrounded by pillows. 

With the Holiday season fast approaching, what's your fave part of it all, if you celebrate, of course? I have always loved Christmas. I'm not religious and don't really follow the religious tradition of Christmas, but am a huge fan of the holiday because it brings families together. I love putting up and decorating the tree, while singing Christmas songs. My husband knows that I love Christmas lights, so whenever he sees a house or building with an awesome display, he makes sure he drives by it with me so I can see it. 

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my personality!! Thank-you, Britt, for introducing me to your readers! I hope you all visit soon :)

Omg, first i love your silly pics Chelsea! and your outfit by the Christmas tree looks so dang cozy! And 2nd, I do alot of weird things too. Has anyone ever gave a gift card a $7 value rather than a standard $5 or $10, because I have thought about it! lol. Does anyone else set their alarm clock on "odd" times? Let Chelsea and I know! I am curious!


Pharr Away... said...

I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out my post (http://pharrawayliving.blogspot.com/2012/12/ive-been-nominated.html) to see how it works. I hope you accept!

Happy Blogging!!!

Katie said...

I like to give Starbucks gift cards in odd amounts, to make sure the amount covers a precise amount of drinks! I just don't want them covering something like 5 1/2 drinks, which is inevitable with an "even" number like $5 or $10! :)