Thursday, December 20, 2012

secret santa gift swap reveal!

The day has come to post about the Secret Santa Swap event that was hosted by Messy Dirty Hair, My Cliffnotes and Perception is Everything! Thanks girls for hosting such a fun thing for us bloggers!

I signed up to participate sometime in late October, I think? lol, and received my gal's name shortly thereafter. I had so much fun shopping for my secret blogger who was... Jade of An Organized Mess!! 

I checked out her blog many a time before the deadline of shipping out her package! I would read  some of her funny blog posts and WANT to comment so badly, but didn't in fear of her getting a hunch that MAYBE i was her secret santa hahah, so i refrained

I loved reading her stories of running events (something I admire), tales of her two precious cats, Alice & Ralph! [hello animal lover here! you have to see how cute they are!] and just her overall sense of sarcastic humor! love it! Plus, she's a fellow quote obsessed-collector like me. I literally keep a running list of quotes copy & pasted on a "sticky note" on my desktop and have a couple pages filled with quotes in my smashbook! With that in mind, I just had to copy some of my fave quotes with her! I hope she liked them!

anyhoo...So last friday, i received my package from my secret blogger santa! I have literally NO idea who she is but can't wait to find out to thank her! She hit the nail on the head by sending me yummy coffee!, a pretty purple bottle of nail polish that i can't wait to try, in addition to candycane flavored lipbalm (i love minty stuff!), bubblebath, and a super cute notepad-"eat, drink and be merry"--seriously, i loooovvee paper products because I am a daily list maker or note writer!

and let me entertain you with a photo sequence of me opening my package!

yeh, no makeup. gosh my face is so shiny!


pucker up

and in case you were wondering, the pretty scarf I am wearing was made especially for me by avid reader, Danielle of The Book Barn. She has a wonderful prayer ministry called Knit Together By Love that you should definitely check out. She's one beautiful, sweet person! It was so special (and timely) to receive this scarf FILLED with love, prayer and encouragement, just for me. Thank you again my friend! It really blessed me.


Janna Renee said...

What a fabulous package you got! I think you look beautiful without makeup! Thanks for participating and Happy Holidays! xoxo

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Oh Britt! You got some really fun stuff!
And I wanted to thank you for being a super secret santa to me :) I found the package in my mail box and was soooo surprised! You were right about the tablet though, it is totally me!

My-cliffnotes said...

I want the candycane lipbalm too, how fun. And the bubblebath, that sounds like a fab night in.

I love that you took pics opening the package what a fun idea

Thanks so much for linking up..


My-cliffnotes said...

Uhh I've tried commenting three times and they just disappear.

Thanks for linking up, I think its so fun that you took pics opening the package thats a great idea.

Happy holidays.