Wednesday, December 19, 2012

i got my hair did

I cut my hair last week! I ended up chopping 8 inches off! I intended to donate my hair to Pantene's beautiful lengths program, where the minimum length to donate is eight inches, but after re-reading the directions and qualifications of donating, i learned I couldn't because I color treat my hair :( BUMMER!

Jo, my nurse Heide's hairdresser friend, who cut my hair, said that even some hair that is donated is not usable because of the color or texture of the hair, so to not feel too bad. 

Did you know it takes about eight donations of hair to make one wig!? I had no idea! So if my hair was two or three different shades it would be hard to blend with other donated hair to make a natural looking wig for someone. makes sense. She cut it shorter in the back and longer in the front (thanks to suggestion from my aunt june who is an awesome hairdresser too!). It's still layered so I can still pouf it on top! give me that bouffant! Or as Sofia tells me, "the Marge Simpson" look hahaha.

My hair was in desperate need of cutting. It felt so heavy with it being so long. 

Here are before pictures and after pics that I took that day as well as a couple days later after I had washed and blowed dried it, then the next day was curled so you can see how it looks.

look at that wild mane!

I feel much better and figure in about 3 weeks to a month, it'll be the perfect length and just how i like it!

I am a bit closer to being ready for the holidays!


holli said...

You look beautiful!! I love it short and sassy on you and the curls were gorgeous.

Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

It looks beautiful! Love your dark locks, xoxo

Alli said...

I love it! You look amazing!

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Such a pity they couldn't take colored hair. But the new length looks great on you!

Amanda said...

Cute! I love it!! I think that cut really suits you!

Danielle said...

Oooo! It looks so pretty and healthy!! I love a good hair session! ;) haha! And girlfriend, thank you sooooo much for the Christmas card and magnet, you are the SWEETEST!!! I hope you had a beautiful Christmas!!! xoxoxo

Pammy said...

Britt your hair is beautiful and I love the curls. I just took off 6 inches and it feels so weird. I was used to having long hair. I wasn't planning on cutting so much but my hair needed it. It was dry and I had split ends. Now that I chopped it off (LOL) my hair feels so soft, and I have my natural hair color. I think I'm going to stay clear of hair coloring for a year and give my hair a break!