Tuesday, September 3, 2013

sunday style + over the weekend

Oh hi there.
How was your labor day weekend?
Mine was jam packed with shopping, church, reading, more shopping & movies on abcfamily (The Breakfast Club and A Walk to Remember, anyone?)! Though I will have you know that I didn't spend a whole lot! yay! Oh and I got my eyebrows threaded on saturday too. It's not that painful at all. I don't have bushy eyebrows, but I wanted to clean them up and I can tell a difference, but my caregiver said laughing that she couldn't tell the difference. I got to spend time with my mom too. We made a stop at Paradise and got smoothies and browsed around a few stores. I even ran into a girl from church too. What a fun surprise. Although  Forever21 was having an additional 50% off their sale items, I didn't find anything I loved and absolutely had to have. Bummer. Maybe my mom was right that I just wasn't in a total shopping mood?

For Church this past sunday, since Paco couldn't make it, James went with me. I am so thankful to him for stepping out of his comfort zone and coming with me just so that I could be at church. I wore my new skirt from Downeast Basics that I got for around $9 on saturday {i went to find the receipt to double check and just remember that i threw it away yesterday}! James sported his new dress shoes. It was cute to see him all dressed up since he normally doesn't dress up like this...like,ever.

When we were leaving, Sofia said it looked like we were going to someone's wedding! I felt snazzy and awesome and James looked handsome.

Plus, you still have time to enter the group giveaway if you haven't already!

my outfit details//
top: kohl's (gifted)
skirt: downeast basics
headband bow: icing
clutch: goodwill
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Sam said...

I've never gotten my eyebrows threaded but every time I get them waxed I get teary eyed because it hurts so much so I usually stick to tweezing them at home LOL.

Lynne said...

Kudos to James for getting you to church - he did look very nice! So did you, I really liked the color of that skirt on you, and it looked like a comfortable fabric. What kind of fabric is it?

Hope your day is full of lovely coffee...... : ) I am working on my first cup right now!

Paulina said...

Love the color of that skirt! Such a great color for your skin tone. So that is even a greater steal at the price you got it for.

Also excited to have you on my sidebar!

Color Me Brave

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love A Walk to Remember...and Forever 21! :)

Jennifer said...

I have never had my eyebrows threaded. Last time I had my brows waxed at Ulta the lady that did them made them very uneven! My husband laughed at me for days!

Anonymous said...

I hate that about Forever 21, sometimes they have a great selection but other times it's just not what you want!

Kate -diariesofanessexgirl.com