Friday, September 20, 2013

cozy comfortable

Happy Friday everyone!
What are you up to this weekend?

Getting back into the swing of things for blogtember, today's topic is:  
React to this term: comfort. 

I find comfort in receiving warm hugs, especially from my nana.
in laying down in my bed after sitting for more than 10 hours a day.
in sipping on chocolate chip fraps.
in listening to songs that flow through my soul.
in reading a good book that keeps my attention.
in writing a letter to a dear friend or family member.
in eating turkey bacon and scrambled eggs/omelets for breakfast.
in having my toes cut short and polished.
in holding a baby or small child in my arms & comforting them.
in going for strolls around the neighborhood when the temperature is in the 70-80's.
in seeing a hummingbird or bird pop by my bedroom window.
in making tamales as a family in an assembly line. (haven't done this in 5 years!)
in laughing at life's absurdities.
in praying.

And although I find comfort in all of these things, to be able to know comfort, you have to know being uncomfortable. Some things that make me uncomfortable are physical pain, getting weird vibes from people, sirens, yelling and fighting.

In another way, it's good for me to step outside my comfort zone and push myself to do things that I might be scared or unmotivated to do: like go up in front of everyone at church (not knowing that many people) and bear my testimony. Haha, yep, I sure did that a few weeks ago.  I also am needing to get back into exercising, the best i can, with the movement & ability i have, now. Someone ask me next monday if I done that yet, so you can help me stay accountable. please. :)

Going outside your comfort zone gives you permission to grow as a person. Sometimes, you might even bless someone else by doing so. Sometimes, you find out a part of you never even existed before.

What brings you comfort? What makes you uncomfortable? What have you done recently to step outside your comfort zone?

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Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

It's such a good point that discomfort shows us comfort, and that comfort keeps us from growing sometimes. But all those comforting things you listed sound so nice, I don't see how they could ever be wrong! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! You're very right that you have to feel discomfort. I guess what makes me most comfy is snuggling in bed in the cold under like 3 layers of sheets, listening to some nice soul or r&b music. And what makes me uncomfortable is talking in front of large crowds, or speaking up with my opinion in conversations with a large group, but I'm making an effort to challenge myself soon.

Jessica said...

I find comfort in being with loved ones and cuddling :) I love nothing more than curling up on the couch with my dog and watching trashy crime shows. I mean, I also love cuddling with the boyfriend but let's face it- the dog is softer and much cuter!!

holli said...

I want to hear your testimony!!! Good for you though for sharing that with a crowd. I need to exercise too but dang i hate it.
I have the most comfy bed in the world and i love soft soft sheets.
whats the latest update on your sharp pains? xoxo

jackie jade said...

sweet post! i find comfort in being around those that i love since i feel the most like i can be myself. also i'm most physically comfortable in some worn in sweatpants, a sweatshirt and a soft blanket!
-- jackie @ jade and oak