Monday, September 23, 2013

weekend news

Happy Fall!
This is my favorite season EVER! Yesterday was the official first day of autumn. It only got to a high of 94 yesterday, which in AZ, is cooler. It was so lovely outside yesterday!

So over the weekend, I went to Rubio's for lunch with my mom. We had a great time chit-chatting too. We were kinda bummed because they (rubio's) changed their recipe for the tortilla chips. Oh well. #firstworldprobs Shouldn't complain too much. They were still yummy.

While we were waiting for our ride, we sat outside at the coffee bean and let the cool misters hit us. I thought that would be a cool shot to grab, so we did. I also tried their pomegranate blueberry ice blended drink, pretty tasty.

I also went to church with my new gal pal Amanda. She is awesome. She is funny. We just click and get along really well. I told her she is an answer to a prayer, which I won't divulge  (i think that's how I am meaning to use that word) how and why. Look for more photos tomorrow of our outfits!

Today was productive after 12 noon. I have been awake for at least 2 hours in the early morning for the past two nights, so I was quite sleepy this morning and fell asleep in my chair! lol. After I woke up, made a phone call, and then started working on making some cards to build up my "inventory". After tomorrow, I'll start making some holiday cards...definitely Christmas and maybe a few Halloween cards since I do have some fun paper for that holiday.

Oh and today was a HAPPY MAIL DAY thanks to my aunt sharon! She sent me some super cute Christmas embellishments! I can't wait to use them. Yes, that is her business card above :) She is a consultant for Arbonne. She sent me a translucent powder that I am excited to try.

How was your weekend? How was the start to your Fall?
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holli said...

I LOVE Fall! Isnt it funny how grateful we are for 90 degree weather? It was 98 yesterday and it was such a relief!
Our State Fair starts next week and that to me is the beginning of fall. I'm glad you made a new friend to hang out with and you and your mom are too cute!

itbritt said...

girl, that blueberry Pomegranate drink looks absolutely delish.
Looks like you had a blast.