Tuesday, October 15, 2013

sunday style + you matter

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am surprise I am not taking a nap right now. My sleep patterns have continued to be worse than normal, and last night, well I was up all night...again. No boo hoo's here though!

I am happy to be blogging today! I am happy because I've been feeling like God has my back and He knows what I need. It sure does feel good to feel like you belong, that you matter, and YOU, my reader, DO matter! Wherever you are in the world or country, believe that :) Often times, we can feel insecure and unsure of ourselves. We sometimes wonder, will they like me? will they care what I have to say? like if you are going up to talk in front of a group of people. Really, us bloggers, for one, are putting ourselves out there. Going up in front of the "class" to inform others and share our opinions and thoughts. We make ourselves vulnerable and that can be scary. Someone wise told me this year that, "we are all scared." So, essentially, we are all in the same boat, so try not to fret and just show up, go up and put forth your best effort and someone out there will connect with you and like you as you will be a blessing in their lives.

So here we are for another installment of Sunday Style and this time, with Miss Amanda!

my legs are so white!

Has there been a time recently that you felt inadequate? Or that someone just dismissed you? How do you stay confident?

amanda's outfit// 
booties: target
bracelet: gift from mom

britt's outfit//
shirt: downeast basics
skirt: downeast basics
earrings: handmade, online
watch: gift from brother
 photo signature_zps68838d56.png

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Sam said...

Love the outfits, ladies!!! I am totally relate to this post! I have a couple of group projects and presentations coming up and I am super nervous about them. I just tell myself hey, if I'm nervous, everyone else must be too!