Thursday, October 10, 2013

life lately

Wow, what a week! You guys, I've seriously been so out of it and so tired since last wednesday when I went in for the cat scan! I don't know what has happened to me. I've been sleeping worse than normal and so, I've taken a nap every day since wednesday, except for sunday. I haven't heard anything about the ct scan results either. We called my dr's office today and just waiting to hear back from them.

So let's catch up. Over the weekend, i watched general conference online. I was inspired and took many pages of notes in my little handy dandy notebook. A few of my favorite quotes that I hope I wrote in my notes correctly, are:

"Don't forget to look up."---Adrian Ochoa

"The Savior is always near, especially in times of need."---Terence M. Vinson

"By Christ's love we are able to change."---Ulisses Soares

I've sucked at taking pictures this week which has been eventful. Look above. The flash didn't come up. Oh well.
I got to hang out with Paco on monday night.
I got to visit with HL on tuesday. She brought me wendy's! yum. It was nice to talk with her about what's been going on in our lives.
I got to go to the movies with Elisa yesterday. We went to see the Butler. It was a pretty good movie, definitely historical. The movie made me teary eyed a couple of times. There were quite alot of well-known actors in the movie, like Jane Fonda and Mariah Carey.

And tonight, well, I'll be watching Grey's and Scandal!

I also found out from Eshakti that I have a special promo code for you to use. If you're a new customer and use my promo code:BRITTANY4ZHR, you'll get $30 off your first purchase! That'll surely help with any pretty item you may choose to update your fall wardrobe. The code is valid until November 30, 2013! And just to let you know, if you do use my promo code, I'll get a sweet $15 credit. It's a win-win for both of us! :)

I've got a serious, but substance-filled post on women's perspective of body in the works, so stay tuned. Hope your week has been blessed. I was reminded today that God DOES hear our prayers, answers them in His great timing.
Until next time...
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holli said...

Looks like you've been busy with visitors and movies. Napping is good lady! Just take it easy and dont overdo it. I want to see the Butler

jackie jade said...

sometimes busy weeks are the best. hope your cat scan went well!
-- jackie @ jade and oak