Friday, October 25, 2013

we're ending the week with a bang bang and a boogie

To get you in the it's the weekend mood!

Today and tomorrow are jam packed and im just excited! You're gonna wanna peek at the end of this post. Promise! I am heading to do a little shopping with my pal amanda. We're gonna get her some makeup so I can do her makeup on saturday for the halloween party we'll be attendjng!...IN COSTUME! Have I shared what I am gonna be? oh, no, you say? well, I am gonna be a girl ninja turtle!!!!

so back to the makeup...amanda asked me to do her makeup and then that same week, Linda, one of my caregivers, asked if I could do her makeup on halloween! I was like, Okay! Yeh! I feel so honored and special that they asked me. I haven't done someone else's make up in like 5 months. I always get a little nervous beforehand, but it's a good nervous. I just love being able to be creative with color and build upon their beautiful, natural parts of their face, like playing up their eyes perhaps.

I will def take pics on saturday of makeup and costumes and post them next week! I think once my costume is all put together it's gonna look pretty dang awesome!!

And then saturday, my dear mama is coming over wtih lunch for us and we're gonna bake pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!! I haven't baked with my mom in yearrrsssss! So this will be great bonding time and something fun for us to do together. I know my mom enjoys baking, so it'll be nice, since she usually doesnt' have time for it. The recipe and how the muffins turn out, i'll post about next week too. Mmm, pumpkin, yumm.

Now, I'll leave you with a fabulous weekend treat! A giveaway in honor of Hearts and Chances ONE YEAR BLOGIVERSARY!! Alicia rounded up some of her friends, like me, to help celebrate, so here I leave you with a few words from my sister friend! You know you want to enter! :)

it's official. i've been a "blogger" for a year now! a whole year!
happy birthday my little blog!

to celebrate, i was able to work with thirteen other bloggers to bring you a great giveaway.
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Alicia Hanley said...

yay! thanks so much for helping me out brittany! love ya girl!

holli said...

I need pictures!!! I bet you were the cutest turtle. I wish you could have done my makeup for my party. The green paint wasnt so good that i used.
Spending time with mom is so important!

Victoria said...

those muffins sound delicious! can't wait for the post!