Thursday, October 31, 2013

a spooktacular party!

It's Hall-O-Ween!!! Happy day to eat as much candy as you want and give a trick or treat! :) Are you taking your kids trick-or-treating? Are you dressing up? Or did you go to a party last weekend?

So as I mentioned last week, I was a ninja turtle.
Michelangelo to be exact, but the girl version, ya know. Here I am! Turtle power. There is special thanks to K who sewed my eye band that you'll see a bit later. I only managed to wear it for a bit over an hour before it started to bother me. Future reference: don't pick a costume that requires a mask.

I went to some friend's halloween party saturday. My gal pal Amanda went as Snow White! She was the best Snow. Her and our friend K made each other costumes! They both turned out so awesome. K went as the best Annie!

About an hour before we left to the party, Amanda came over and I did her makeup. I am pretty satisfied with how her makeup came out. She showed me a photo from pinterest which was where we got inspiration for her "look" and she looked beautiful!

Amanda and her three roommates (the sanderson sisters) were the hosts of this fabulous bash. The party was a success with a great turn out. My guess is there were at least 50 people there! Some people had some really great costumes like, Jesse from Toy Story, John Wayne, Benny from the Sandlot and Tinkerbell to name a few.

Look at these amazing "bloody glass" cupcakes made by K! They look so real, but don't worry, they are completely edible. The girls did a great job with the decorations too!

It was a totally rad night!


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Alicia Hanley said...

I'm being a ninja turtle too!! Leonardo though. How funny!

Ileana Garcia said...

Those cupcakes look delicious! & I love your costume! Especially your friend's snow white fit- it was on point! =]

Looks like you had a great night ^_^

Katie said...

i love it! you look so cute!

Regina said...

You're all stunning!! And Britt, I like your eye makeup!

Jessi said...

Wow, I love how you did your friends makeup and I love the orange eyeshadow on you - so pretty! Looks like a fun night
Thanks for linking up! :)

Gentri said...

This is so awesome! I love every costume and you did a fabulous job on her makeup! What awesome friends you have, I didn't go to any parties. :P Lame.