Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sunday Style

Last week I did a little retail therapy with amanda and that's when we wandered into New York & Company, where I found this black and white dress. It was a last minute purchase, since I spotted the beauty at the corner of my left eye as time was running out.

I ventured to the rack and noticed the lovely 50% off sign, but I wasn't sure if that applied to this dress. So, Amanda picked one out for me and I took it to the register to ask the sales associate if that particular dress was 50% off and it was so, so I was like, "ok great. I am taking it!"

This dress is mod and reminds me of the 60's. I thought it'd be perfect for church. Sofia and Katie did my hair with extra volume and you couldn't tell, but I wore light blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. I definitely felt like I could have been in Mad Men.

I got lots of compliments on the frock and it was comfortable to wear. I styled it with my bright pink one dollar earrings from Downeast Basics and my black crossbody purse from Forever21. And because Sunday morning was a bit on the cold side, I had to wear my furry boots (those don't count).


Elizabeth said...

love that dress!

Kirstie said...

Love the dress!! So cute!

holli said...

I love the bright pink with it!! Very mod indeed and i love it. I wished i could wear my hair up more but its too long and crazy