Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sunday Style

I think I have a problem, but maybe it's more of a skill that I bargain shop! Yes! Let's call is a skill.

I went out with my roommate to the mall on saturday. She had an appointment to get her hair cut, but we had extra time to browse around beforehand, which we did in JCPenney's.  As I was following the pathway, this skirt just jumped out at me as I kept driving forward, then I drove back around to it just to see what the price was...$30. Psh, yeh right. There's no way I am paying thirty bucks for a skirt. So I just kept driving forward looking around and going with my friends.

We do our business at the mall and go where everyone wanted to go. We go back through JCPenney's as that was where our transportation was picking us up and I see that skirt again. I notice there is a sign above the rack that said it was 50% between 9am-1pm and it was 12:45! what?! Omg, I have to get it!! How did I not see this before!? I wore it to church the very next day.

So behold. What I call, the watercolor pencil skirt.

Outfit Details:
Shirt// Target
Skirt// JCPenneys
Headband// forgot!
Watch// online boutique that I forgot
Earrings// downeast basics


Katie said...

love your skirt! yeah for bargain shpoping!!!

The Rachael Way said...

That skirt! You are GORG!

Danette said...

Very cute skirt. I like it a lot.

Amanda said...

Definitely a skill... cute skirt!!

holli said...

Very pretty skirt!! Way to go girl on the bargain timing.
Thanks so much for the shirt for Jax! He loves wearing his shirts and he looks so dang cute. I'll take picture tonight of him wearing it. love you