Wednesday, March 19, 2014

take me out to the ball game

psh, it's midweek and I am just getting to the weekend recap. it's ok, right?

over the weekend i ventured out with a group of friends to go see the mariners vs the giants! it was so fun much! Now, it hit at least 85 degrees out and if you're basking in the sun, it doesnt take long for that sun to zap you of energy and overheat you! But i brought my little umbrella and we shared and drank lots of water and slathered on sunscreen.

Clint put his sunscreen on standing up, so when he sat down he didn't think about his shorts riding up a bit, so his upper legs got burned. Then, me and des went and got some food so, browsing around helped not be in the direct sun. Around the end of the 4th inning, I needed a breathing treatment so david found an outlet right behind where our group was sitting and there was glorious shade!! and the breeze picked up again. The spot I did my breathing treatment was near the smokers area. perfect! haha.

Alot of people started leaving the game between the 5-6th inning, and our group was baked and hungry and wanted to be in A/C, so we went to eat at Red Robin.  Eric and I had our own basket of precious fries to share haha.

It was a great to enjoy being outside and being with great friends!


Amanda said...

I LOVE Red Robin french fries... yum. So craving some now. Sounds like a good time.

P.S. Love your new look on this blog! :D

holli said...

How convenient for the plug outlet to be near you but sucky that it was near smokers. I wished cigarettes didnt exist.
You look too cute in your cut off shorts!

Lynne said...

I've never been to a spring training game, looks like fun! I have friends from church that go to FL every year in March to watch a couple of Cardinals spring training games - they love it, because you can get so close to the field and players. Thanks for the Starbucks card! I will most definitely get mega enjoyment out of it....I am so boring, I always just get a regular coffee, so your giftcard will allow me a couple of visits! Have you tried their Tribute blend? I really like has a hint of fruitiness to it (I think it is cherry) - sounds like it wouldn't go well with coffee, but boy, is is it good! Have a good rest of the week - yay, it is almost weekend time again!

The Rachael Way said...

Aww, that seems like such a fun weekend!