Sunday, May 20, 2012

dress me up

I never used to like wearing dresses. The farthest I would go to dress up was donning on a cute shirt and a skirt. Ever since I became ventilator dependent with my weakened physical state, putting on dresses was easier for my caregivers versus wearing tees and jeans everyday, ( though i still love my flare hipster jeans!)  I started actually LIKING dresses and now, shoot, i am IN LOVE WITH DRESSES, especially vintage looking ones!

My mom told me a a few weeks ago while we were browsing in LensCrafters that I was born in the wrong decade, in response to me oohing and ahhing over these slight cat-eye tortoise frame glasses she tried on. If you like dressing a little more modestly and still want to feel oh-so-sexy, i HIGHLY recommend the women's dresses from Shabby Apple! I don't own one *YET, but i vow to someday soon!!

some of my faves are the bright  cockeyed optimist perfect for summer, the vintagey  pre-columbian for a date or the desert modern is a great neutral to accessorize!

I am excited too because I just became a Shabby Apple affiliate. If you look on my left sidebar there's a gorgeous shabby apple button gracing this blog now! Yahooo! Feel like a new dress for a special occasion or just because, check em out, you will seriously fall in love!


Kelly said...

Oh fun! I LOVE their stuff as well! It's beautiful!!!!! How did you become an affiliate and what does that mean?

Karrie S said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. I just started looking at vintage dresses with interest :)

Jamie said...

I love Shabby Apple!