Wednesday, May 23, 2012

sister j

today my little sister j graduates from high school being in the top 15% of her class! It's crazyyyy how time flies! I remember the day she was born. Our dad treated me and our other brother Alaska to Fuddrucker's (known for their delicious gourmet hamburgers) and announced sister j's birth.  Tomorrow she will turn 18! 18! An adult! She and our younger brother bubba are learning to drive. They may or may not have their learner's permit already, but i know they are doing great! On a side note, if you can't tell, i HEART my brothers and sister!
dynamic duo, Christmas 2010
bubba bro
Brother bubba will be graduating next in 2 years! I have such fun memories of both of them as they've grown up. From playing in the sandbox our dad built, to swimming in the plastic pool that then leaked and swamped the entire backyard!, to blasting our radio reallly loud replaying "tequila" by the champs, to watching Lion King, Barney or Veggie tales on vhs a hundred times! Those two are a dynamic duo!

 T siblings, sept. 2010

sister j has grown into a beautiful person inside and out. She has such a giving heart and is truly a peacekeeper, especially when it comes to her friends. She doesn't want anyone to feel left out. Just a month or two ago, she participated in the American Cancer Society's fundraising event, Relay for Life with two of her good friends and they set a goal of walking 20 miles and beat that with an end result of 28 miles! Talk about determination!

sister j & sister b

 My stepmom said that sister j was following in my footsteps because I did that event too back in 2003 when i was in community college. I was my team's captain! It made me feel good that I influenced her for the good, because Lord knows I was and am not no saint! lol...

sisters forever

I am definitely a proud big sister! I know she's going to be an amazing, successful person as she embarks on her college journey. She will no doubt bring so much joy and blessing to others lives! I love you sister j! Congratulations on this big accomplishment!


kendra @ A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Awe Britt, that's bitter sweet seeing your little siblings grow up so well. You are happy and proud for them but sad because your little sister/brother aren't little any more.

Amanda said...

This is a great post that definitely shows how much you love your family!

Sidenote.. I was FORCED to watch Lion King hundreds of times growing up because it was my sister's favorite movie!

Brittany said...

@kendra, you KNOW it to be true. I actually got teary eyed last night about it all! you understand me:)

@amanda, thank you and YES i know! My sister demanded we watch lion king at least 3 times in one weekend. I dislike that movie now!! lol and i feel bad about it but i cant take it anymore!

Kelly Rowe said...

Hi Britt, I just found you thought Royal Daughter designs. I love your blog, perspective on life -- and your faith! Wishing you a lovely weekend. HUGS!