Monday, May 14, 2012


I know I am a day late in posting, but i want to dedicate this post to mothers in honor of mother's day.

My life is enriched because i have a slew of upstanding, exemplary women in my life. I'd like to highlight some of them today, though I know other fantastic mothers including my cousins, aunts and friends who are a light in their children's lives!

me & my mom, mothers day 2011
First, I will start out with my mom. She is an amazing, resilient, beautiful, smart, hardworking woman. She instilled me values and sentiments that I have clung to all my life. She taught me about God and believing in Jesus and having a life of prayer. Faith is like the core of which my life stems. I also think she passed on a love for animals as taught from her mom, my nana lilly. My mom has fought for me. comforted me. laughed and cried with me. stuck with me through my ugly days as well as my pretty days. I am SO blessed that God gave her to me as my mom. Her strength is beyond my knowledge.  Plus, she's the greatest shopping partner! lol.

janet & me summer 2011
Next, my stepmom Janet. She's  bright, crafty and organized & also my nail tech! lol. She's a good listener and conversationalist. I've known her for most of my life and she became someone important to me. I got my love for letter writing and sending notes via snail mail from her, im sure of it. I used to help her address, stamp and seal at least 50 Christmas cards. I learned alot of motherly duties in babysitting after she had my little sister and brother. I am grateful for that, even though the kids would drive me crazy sometimes, i love them both with all my heart.

I got the best of both worlds having my mom and janet as women i looked up to and i still look up to them. It was so nice to be able to ask them wherever I was at home, "how does this outfit look?" or "do these earrings match?" or talking to them about boys, ya know, girly stuff.

twins, great-aunt nellie & nana margaret
All of my grandmothers. I have three. My nana Margaret passed on in 1997, but i feel like im still getting to her know even thought she's not 'here'. I've talked about her before a few months ago and I surely miss her more and more as i get older. Then there's nana lilly who is 74! Amazing! oh and a funny thing i should mention is that both nana's are duplicates. Margaret was a twin and lilly is a triplet!! I love it! Nana lilly makes me laugh. She's so particular about things and introduced me to coffee, soap operas & the price is right! she's a really petite, skinny lady, but she is so strong. My step-grandma Agnes passed on in 1991. I didn't know her that long and being so young i didn't understand everything, but she had such a gentle spirit and calm voice. She was teaching me how to sew, up until she got sick. I really wish I could still know her and maybe i'd be a sewing genius by now?! She helped me realize a flaw of mine-that I must finish what I start--and that lesson i still struggle with sometimes.

nana lilly
There's Sooo much i could say about all of these dear women in my life, i love them!

Mothers, you are divine creatures and have a bond with children like no other. I am not a officially a mom yet, so i don't know everything about motherhood. I don't know how you manage to be super-mom and handle everything! I certainly appreciate my mom and the motherly figures in my life. I sure hope you all had a wonderful mother's day and know you are loved!


Pamela said...

Sweet sentiments!

momto8blog said...

you are blessed with many wonderful women in your life. good for you! I miss my mom ll the time...
I am your newest follower..pls follow bcd if you can.
have a great week.

Kelly said...

Some beautiful ladies you have in your life!!!!