Wednesday, May 16, 2012

my creative space

today, im linking up with Laura at Our Reflection and Sue at Hello. Also, I love you. Peeks into our homes!

I live with two other roommates. We live in a home where nurses and caregivers are on staff to help take care of us or be there to help us in a case of need or emergency. My home is really my room, my personal space. So here's a peek into my humble abode.

The yellow walls USED to be a darker blue (my former roommate's room). My dad & brothers put up my nice white shelves for me. My brother A hung 90% of the picture frames for me.

I love color and i certainly think my room displays that.

I have a thing for birds.

Yes, I have a crucifix and rosary, but don't consider myself a practicing Catholic. I am not against the church by any means or even attending mass, i just don't believe in all of it's teachings. The cross and rosary are symbols t of faith. they are holy. they are good reminders of who i am and where I came from.

crafting supplies corner. 

My room may be cluttered, but i promise i know where everything is and placed! It's my own organized mess.

I love this wall. It's like an art gallery of little tokens, pictures and trinkets. and yes, there's a little pink monkey hanging from the ceiling..her name is frenchie, as in she's pink and one of the pink ladies from Grease.

I guess i am a reader and music lover, eh? Remember cd's and those things called cassette tapes!? lol

my closet of my clothes!!!! This space is also known as the archives that hold hundreds of photographs in boxes as well as prints & negatives from when I was a photography student in college.

 one of the kids here painted the B picture for my door. displays proudly.

My growing collection of flower headbands behind my door!

Our Reflection


Pamela said...

Howdy, Miss Britt - I just grabbed your button and put on my blog - as I do enjoy keeping up with yours. I am hoping you will do the same for me! I just added a post about braided headbands and thought of you since you have a love for headbands. HOpe you are doing well!!

Amanda said...

Very nice :-) I love the flower headbands!!

Kendra @ A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Hi Britt, thanks for stopping by my blog today! And I am following you right back!

Sue said...

I love your creative space! I get the same way with an "organized mess." I didn't show pics of our storage room which literally looks like a tornado went through it but I can find anything in there in 5 seconds flat! Thanks for linking up :)

Amanda said...

LOVE it. :) And hey props to you on the knowing where you are from religion wise. I'm the same way. I've got a family of practicing Catholics.. and then there is me.. and I'm not 100% about any of the 'ways'.. but as noted in my apt tour, I have tons of cross' displayed in our little 1 bedroom apartment.

Alli said...

Loving the wall above your bed!