Tuesday, May 1, 2012

life is lovely

Let me tell you how God is so good. He has been blessing my life so much lately (or is it because my eyes are open?). 

I feel strong enough right now to be there for anyone who needs me. to listen. to encourage. to connect. 

I feel proud of myself because of my productiveness today. It sounds bad, but i seriously struggle in the energy department because of my insomnia and anxiety. Mini victories ya'll! Amen!

I feel excited because i found out this morning that i won an anthropologie gift card (OMG YEH!) given away from Sue of Hello. also, i love you on Megan's blog, across the pond. [thank you thank you ladies!] I am a pretty new follower/reader of megan's blog and she's so pretty & fashionable. She's a california girl writing about her adventures in the U.K.. How neat!

I feel content because i just ate dinner: meatloaf, spanish rice and salad.

I feel smiley because i am looking forward to spending time with friends tonight and saturday! It brings joy to my soul to catch up with my besties even if it's falling asleep after chick-fil-a. (lol C.)

I feel happy because for two days in a row, I have received snail mail from two of my amazing bloggy friends. We haven't met in real life (IRL), yet,  but we've connected and I am thankful to them for their positivity, laughs and smiles. and for taking the time to write a little love note.

I feel thankful that God gave me another day of health and sound mind. I love my life and i enjoy sharing it with you!

Come back tomorrow because i have a delightful guest post for you!! hint: i mentioned her in this post today!! ahhhhhh!!


Amanda said...

So glad things are going good for you chicka.. you definitely deserve it!

Pamela said...

Wonderful post and I am a new follower. Glad I found you - hope you will hop over to visit and follow me as well