Monday, October 15, 2012

hello & thank you

Wow! You guys are are alllll sooo amazing! I received many prayers and comments from my post last thursday. Thank you sincerely! :)

I am doing just fine. I actually just woke up from a 2 hour nap. 

I went in for a bronchoscopy friday morning as you know. I feel dumb because it's a bronchoscopy not bronchotomy as I was calling it lol. CORRECTION! 

I ran into my doctor as I was headed to check into the Endoscopy dept (which by the way, the long hallway was unoccupied with nothing gracing walls=scene from a creepy movie! lol) and got to talk with more in detail about what's been going on.

He said he was nervous about changing my trache that same day too, because i have such a "great track record" with this particular trache. He wanted more time to discuss more with his colleagues, if i change it etc, because if we change it, he'd like to to do so with me in ICU and have me stay overnight just to make sure I am breathing right and that everything is going well.

I have a follow up appt with him on the 24th of this month!

So let me tell you how friday went. We got picked up at 9:30 am. My bff C met me there and we headed upstairs to Endo around 10am. I checked in, filled out detailed paperwork, got registered with my hospital band and then Tara, the pre-op nurse got me ready with pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff and IV. She was so great and attentive. I let her know that getting an IV in me and it still working was difficult, but she used the smallest IV needle, one they use for infants! and double taped it and got it with one stick!! Thank You Jesus!
ready to go in pre-op. thanks to C for helping me document

Around 11:10, I was ready to go back to the procedure room, which I was able to stay in my wheelchair as the doctor could do the bronch with me just tilted back in my chair--much easier and comfortable for me. I went in room 3 with the bright white lights and classic rock playing in the background. My nurse for this phase was Dennis and he brought me another blanket just fresh out of the warmer because it was FREEZING in there, had to have been 55 degrees! I asked him, are you guys used to this cold and he said yes, we are moving and walking around so we heat up. 

Him and another lady who was part of my team, never got her name, kept asking me if I was ok and if i needed anything. Dennis paged my dr. twice so we didnt get started til just after noon. Around 11:45 anxiety was setting in and i was shaking my leg. My arm with the IV was aching and i thought maybe my IV had collapsed, but dennis looked and it wasn't swollen so he just slowed down the drip because he said that was prob the reason why it was hurting in addition to the cold. I started taking deep breaths and praying. Remembering all the smiling faces that were praying for me and asking the Lord to be with me and let everything go ok.

I saw my name typed on the big screen that my dr. would be seeing once the camera was inserted in my trache. it had the time and i kept glancing at it. I dont know if it was the calming presence of God or the cold or me getting bored waiting, but i literally starting dozing off and 2 minutes later my doctor arrives..time to get started! He told dennis what combo of "happy juice" as Tara called it and pain meds to give me in the IV and what steps he was going to do. Dennis added it and after that I was awake but out of it too, not remembering everything. Dr. A said everything went well and that my tissue looks ok.

Another nurse directed me as I drove just a bit down the hall to recovery. My nurse there was so fantastic, giving me ice chips and my own souvenir box of tissue! hahah (they have to give it to you once they open the box). After 30 minutes i was cleared to go and had permission to eat or drink whatever I wanted as long as i was awake and alerted. 
minor battle marks

I met Sofia and C outside the double doors and we walked back downstairs. We grabbed hot coffee and waited for transportation OUTSIDE where i could defrost in the warm sun. I then called my mom and nurse on duty here, Heide to let them know i was ok and what happened.

I got home shortly after 2 and ate a most delicious breakfast since i hadn't eat from the night before. My esophagus was sore for a couple days like someone punched me, but by sunday morning felt normal.

I was so thoroughly impressed with everyone who was involved in my whole bronch procedure. Everyone was so kind, efficient, used the correct supplies and made sure I was as comfortable as possible.

So there my friends was how my friday went! I could babble on more about the weekend, but I dont have any fancy pictures to show you...

FYI: I did get to eat rubio's on saturday with my mom and oh it was totally yummy! You have to try their blackened tilapia taco!!

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I am so glad everything went well!