Sunday, October 7, 2012

The book barn, church stuff and movies

Happy Sunday and official end of the first week of October!!

What did you all do this weekend?

On friday, I traveled to Ross with my roommate Nickolina, our nurse and our caregiver Sofie. We then hit Target--I know, twice for me in one week-that's UNUSUAL! You bet I hit the dollar spot again lol...i also got a pair of E.L.F fake eyelashes for $1 for my halloween trial run makeup.

Yesterday we baked  two more cheesecakes based on this recipe; one with yoplait key lime pie yogurt, the other w/chobani pineapple greek yogurt--i tasted that batter and oh my was so delectable!! Then in the afternoon, we watched Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp. I rate it an odd good movie with a some funny parts as well as couple racy moments. The entire cast was so in character..perfect!

Also, mid-week, i plan on watching/reading some of the General Conference talks that occurred this weekend. Did any of you tune in? what were some of your fave highlights?

One last thing before I leave, as I have my church group coming over for fellowship:

you'd be happy to discover The Book Barn, where Danielle one of my newest kind sponsors reviews fiction, memoirs and biographies! I just discovered in her latest post that she mentally casts characters for movies from the books in her head! So funny, because I kinda do the same thing, like for instance, I totally wished that Judy Greer shoulda played Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games. I mean, look at her nose, face and mannerisms!! Stop by her blog for a book recommendation or leave a comment of your opinion if you'd read any of the same books! And on her personal blog, Daniellesque, she's having a book bundle giveaway, 7 hours left, so hurry hurry!


Sara said...

Hey Britt! Thanks for sharing about The Book Barn! I love blogs like that and it's always fun to read other reviews by people!

Miss V's Busy Bees

Danielle said...

Thanks so much for the shout out! I am so happy to be a sponsor on your blog this month!! You are the sweetest! xoxo

Danette Dillon said...

I just read your Team Playground #5 post. Your picture with the bear sunbathing is so cute! We need to chat soon. I've lost contact with you. :(