Thursday, October 11, 2012


hey guys. 
so for the past two weeks Ive been experiencing off and on pain at the trache site. I had a routine trache change then, and normally within 2-3 days, the soreness is gone and i feel back to normal. However, this last time has been continued waves of sharp pain. I've been taking pain meds for 12 days TODAY!
just after my trache change 2 weeks ago. ouch.

We waited a week to see if in just a few extra days I'd be feeling better and the pain going away--NOPE! So we called my pulmonary doctor tuesday (since monday was the holiday) and between calls back and forth with the nurse who works with my doctor, they quickly responded and got me scheduled to go into the hospital tomorrow morning for a bronchotomy and another trache change. Thank you God!

I'll be lightly sedated for the procedure which will be through the endoscopy department. With the bronch, they'll take a tube with camera down my throat to see the tissue from the inside and what may be causing these throbs of pain. There may be built up scar tissue there that has been and is making my routine trache changes so difficult and traumatic. The doctor will also change my current trache that has a cuff/balloon to a trache WITHOUT the cuff. It is known that having the skinny plastic cuff can be irritating to the skin (as it's attached from the inside around my trache to extending down my chest), so hopefully the new trache will be much better and easier for me.

This whole ordeal is a major reason why I haven't been with it in blogging these past couple weeks. I sure do miss you friends!

I am not sure how tomorrow will go in terms of how I'll feel after and the couple days ahead. I am getting a bit nervous. will it hurt to swallow (like can i eat or drink?) or if there'll be swelling. Despite this worry, I KNOW that God is with me all the days of my life, in good times and in trials.
His grace, protection and comfort carry me through.

I cannot eat or drink anything after midnight tonight and i check in at 10:30 am tomorrow. Thank you in advance for your sincere prayers and sweet comments.

Here's to hoping that i'll get to eat and drink after it's all done, im gonna be thirsty and hungrayyy! hahahah.
I'm SO gonna be ready for starbucks and Rubio's!

Really, I am glad to be going in and getting checked to help solve this problem! All these days of taking pain meds and feeling shocks of pain is Riduculous! I am so thankful to my nurses and to my doctor's office for helping me so quickly!

I'll give you all a update as soon as a i can.
I can't wait to be feeling myself again! I can't wait to be back blogging more regularly & being in better correspondence with all of you.

Behold, Me thinks my face will look like 
THIS tomorrow:


have a great friday, saturday & sunday!



Army Wife, Mommy Life said...

Hope you feel better soon and are able to enjoy your weekend! Good luck! (:

Sue said...

I hope you hear good news and feel all better soon! xo

Amanda said...

You are in my thoughts girl and I hope you feel better ASAP!

Kim Orpin said...

Praying for you! Hope the pain goes away quickly!

Megan10e said...

Hope it all goes well and that you feel better soon! Let me know when I can bring you something!!

*Katie* said...

Aww girly! I hope you feel better soon!

Danielle said...

Praying everything goes well and that you feel better in no time!! xoxoxo

Regina said...

Get well soon Britt! I pray for you!